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Ibong adarna

  1. 1. Ibong Adarna "Romance of the Life of the three Brothers Prince, Sons of King Fernando and Queen Valeriana of the Kingdom of Berbania", is a popular Filipino korido or metrical romance although culled from European, Asian and even African sources. an epic poetry/poetry written in the 18th Century about an eponymous magical bird. set in octosyllabic quatrains The author of the largely known epic was claimed to be Fransisco Balagtas, but until now the real author was never
  2. 2.  It tells of the adventures and magical powers, the romance and love, the courage and piety, and the treachery and betrayal of highborn characters. It contains 1,722 stanzas and is subdivided into five main parts: 1. The search for the IbongAdarna or Adarna bird 2. The descent into a well, the rescue of two captive princesses 3. The heros betrayal at the hands his brothers and his search for a fabled kingdom 4. The heros restitution to his rightful place in the kingdom of Berbanya/Berbania
  3. 3. Major CharactersDon Pedro-The eldest among the Don Diego-The second eldest.three. He is envious with his Also the assistant of Don Pedrobrother Don Juan. in Sabotaging Don Juan. Haring Fernando- Don Pedro, Don Juan-The youngest of Don Diego and Don Juans the three. He is the favorite of Father known to be a good their parents and the one who leader. caught the Ibong Adarna.
  4. 4. Ibong Adarna- An enchantress bird. It has very longFancy tail with numerous shiny metallic colors. It knowsA total of seven songs that are believed to lull anyoneTo sleep. It excretes waste, then finally, sleeps with itsEyes wide open. When the adarna bird is sad, it looksVery ugly and hopeless. It is believed that its droppingscan turn any living things into stone. Known to be abeautiful bird that cures any kind of illnesses.It is said that it lives on a forest in Tabor.(some said that this bird is also Donya Maria).
  5. 5. Minor Characters Donya Valeriana- Haring Fernandos Wife and the queen of Berbanya. Donya Maria Blanca- Don Juans last love and the princess of the "Reino de los Cristal". She is also haring Salermos favorite daughter but later in the story, will betray him. Prinsesa Leonora- Don Juans second love and the princess of "Armenya". She was saved by Don Juan from the Serpent that guards her tower. Prinsesa Juana- Don Juans First love and the elder sister of Leonora. She was saved by Don Juan from the Giant that guards her tower. Haring Salermo- Donya Marias father and the king of "Reino de los Cristal". He challenges Don Juan so that he would know how much he really loves Maria and how would he fight for Maria. Arsobispo- the pope and the one who will judge on who deserves Don Juan (an argument between Leonora and Maria) Serpiyente- The one that guards Leonora. Higante- The one that guards Juana. Lobo- Leonoras canine that saves Don Juan from dying. Ermitanyo1,2,3 and 4- They help Don Juan in surviving the challenges.
  6. 6. 1972 - Ang Hiwaga Ng Ibong Adarna “The Magic Of The Adarna Bird” [sometimes referred to as “Ibong Adarna”] (Roda Film Productions)Director Pablo Santiago Cast -Dolphy (Prinsipe Adolfo)/Juan -Rosanna Ortiz -Panchito (Prinsipe Alfonso) -Babalu (Prinsipe Albano) -Georgina Fairy, Jose Garcia, Patria Plata Pedro Faustino, Er “Canton” Salazar, Alfonso Adriano, Lydia Galvez, Goliath, Rudy Meyer, Angie Crisol, Lito Calzado & His Dancers