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Group 1

  1. 1. Group 1 Sarung Banggi and Dandansoy I. Sarong Banggi II. Dandansoy III. Beloved song of Bicol, composed in 1910 Visayan folk Song Composed by Potenciano V. Gregorio of Most often sung is Hiligaynon Bisaya also Libog, now Sto. Domingo, Albay known as ilonggo A song about love and courtship - It was first played in Guinobatan, A traditional Visayan folk song from Kulasi, Albay on a first sunday of October 1917. Antique that is derived from Dansoy, the (Ironically, not in composers home town) name of the unfaithful lover to whom the Potenciano V. Gregorio song is addressed -had 3 major compesition in collaboration Until now the author is unknown with his elder brother -original composition of song was burned from their house fire accident in 1961. -He wrote Sarung Banggi one night when the chirping of a bird and the rustling of the leaves woke him up. Forthwith, he wrote down the first bars and lyrics of the song. -It became the favorite of local serenaders -It spread rapidly throughout the region. Dandansoy LyricsSarung Banggi Lyrics Dandansoy, bayaan ta icaoSarung Banggi (It was one night) Pauli aco sa PayaoSa Higdaan (while in my bed) Ugaling con icao hidlauonNakadangog ako(that I heard) Ang Payaw imo lang lantauon.Nin huni nin sarong gamgam (the lonely chirping of a bird) Dandansoy, con imo apasonSa luba ko katurugan,(I thought I was dreaming) Bisan tubig di magbalonBako kundi (But, no…) Ugaling con icao uhauonSimong boses, Iyo palan (twas your voice, most certain) Sa dalan magbobonbobon.Dagos ako bangon (at once, I arose)Si sakuyang mata iminuklat (my sleepy eyes, I opened) Convento, diin ang cura?Kadtung kadikluman (through the darkness) Municipio, diin justicia?Ako ay nangalagkalag (I looked around) Yari si dansoy maqueja. Maqueja sa paghigugmaKasu ihiling ko si sakuyang mata sa itaas(And when I raised my searching eyes)Simong lawog nahiling ko, maliwanag (your face I saw, glowing) Ang panyo mo cag panyo coKadtung kadikluman, Kan mahiling taka (When in the dark, I saw you) Dala diri cay tambijon coNamundo kong puso, tulos naugma (my lonely heart found happiness, swiftly) Ugaling con magcasiloMinsan di nahaloy, idtong napagmasdan (that sight, ever so briefly though,) Bana ta icao,asawa mo aco.Sagkod Nuarin pa man, (Until eternity,)Dai ko malilingawan (I won’t forget, ever)Magpoon na ika sakuyang namutan (Since, to you in love I fell)Ako nakamate nin kaginhawahan (I felt sweet relief soothing)Pati an puso kong tagub kapungawan (my empty heart, in lonelinessfill)Ngunyan burabod na nin tunay na kaogmahan (now a spring of truehappiness, overflowing)