Sponsored Tweets : Twitter Advertising


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An overview of the Sponsored Tweets platform and approach.

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Sponsored Tweets : Twitter Advertising

  1. Sponsored Conversations via Twitter Presented by Ted Murphy - @tedmurphy
  2. platform pillars Ethics • Mandatory disclosure • Authentic voice • Freedom of choice • Transparency of identity Scalability Measurement Simplicity
  3. platform pillars ethics
  4. mandatory disclosure Disclosure is systematically enforced • 100% compliance through proprietary Disclosure Engine™ • Designed to adhere to FTC and WOMMA guidelines Multiple standardized options provided • Specific type of disclosure determined by Tweeter or Advertiser Examples of disclosure within a Tweet I would like to thank my sponsor ACME. AD: 1/2 off ACME widgets http://bit.ly/1234
  5. authenticity Tweeters can write their own tweets Advertiser restrained from injecting opinion in advertiser written tweets Acceptable advertiser written tweet Todays Tweet’s Sponsored by ACME. Unacceptable advertiser written tweet I think that ACME’s widget is the best ever.
  6. freedom of choice No auto-injection of any tweets • Tweeters must agree to each individual Mutual handshake process • Tweeter must approve any advertiser written tweet • Advertiser must approve any tweeter written tweet
  7. transparency of identity Detailed information about Tweeters • Stats from multiple sources • Twitter • Twitter Grader • Twitter Counter Advertisers info displayed to Tweeters • Reduces promotion of affiliate offers without tweeter knowledge • Allows both parties to research and follow each other
  8. platform pillars scalability
  9. tweeter spectrum @kimkardashian 1.6M Followers @chrispirillo Amount of followers people have 71K Followers @pensieverobin 2.6K Followers People using Twitter
  10. reach the masses Aggregate users with less followers • Provides more variation in messaging • Ability to execute on smaller campaigns • Open to performance based options @kendrawilkinson Access to power users • Mainstream media celebrities • Web celebrities @pop17 • Media properties Ability to drive massive @speedtv traffic from influencers in short time frames
  11. platform pillars measurement
  12. measurement Bit.ly integration to shorten URLs • Integrated reporting within sponsored tweets • More detailed reporting via Bit.ly One click Google Analytics tracking • By Source • By Campaign • By Tweeter Provides the ability to track conversion on from an individual Tweeter
  13. platform pillars simplicity
  14. simplicity Self serve platform User friendly interface • Advertisers : Make your first offer in under 5 minutes • Tweeters : Get setup to receive offers in under 2 minutes Telephone, email and twitter support