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How to develop a personal brand with social media

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Personal Branding

  1. ted murphy Personal Branding for Blogstars
  2. why personal branding Your personal brand can help propel your professional life
  3. brands propel business
  4. brand building blocks Promise • What are you all about? Identity • How do people recognize you? Contribution • How do you make a difference? Promotion • How do you get the word out? Monetization • How do you ultimately profit?
  5. brand promise
  6. Darren Rowse problogger
  7. Pair up with 1 someone you don’t know Create a list 2 for each of you
  8. brand promise Keywords help provide a framework • Remember your keywords in everything you do Your keywords can help create a vision statement for your personal brand • “Plowing through life in the calf nut at a time” • “Disruption with a smile” • “Crush it” Focus on what matters most then boil it down to a concise statement
  9. vision into reality
  10. identity
  11. identity Name Design • Personal logo • Photography • Blog • Social media profiles / avatar Communication Style Embodiment • Your personal style • In-person attitude
  12. name
  13. choosing a name Proper name • John Chow • Zac Johnson • Brian Solis Persona • Internet Geek Girl • eMom • GeekMommy • Brain Foggles • Technosailor
  14. play everywhere
  15. dominate search I control the top 10 search results
  16. logo
  17. logo Your logo is your single unifier. It identifies all other components of your brand as yours.
  18. common logo mistakes Designing a logo if you are not a designer • Just because you have photoshop doesn’t mean you are a designer Using clipart as your logo • Other people can use the exact same image Using a photograph of yourself as your logo Creating a logo that only works in full color • Doesn’t allow for easy reproduction on promotional items The best logos work in black and white
  19. my mi sta ke standard font photo just bad
  20. photos Your photos will be used by others to promote you.
  21. photos
  22. quality is your friend meh. yeah!
  23. photography Hire a professional • Make sure that your images are suitable for print Capture your personality • Get a variety of shots for different uses Get the rights for publication in all media
  24. blog Your blog is the central hub for all things you.
  25. Shoemoney
  26. common mistakes Using a standard theme • Your blog looks just like the others • Adding a different header isn’t enough to stand out Designing your blog if you aren’t a designer Going crazy with display ads
  27. If you wish for an awesome personal brand it will magically happen.
  28. you gotta coooordinate.
  29. brand makeover
  30. Benspark Blog
  31. communication It’s not just what you say it’s how you say it.
  32. Tim Ferris
  33. Loren Feldman
  34. Michael Gray
  35. Whatever your tone try to keep it consistent
  36. define your look
  37. embodiment Be just as awesome in real life.
  38. contribution
  39. contribution How you make a difference • Can be for profit or not You should contribute things you are passionate about and good at Primary and secondary • Your job • Your talent • Your impact • Your content Your contribution is often how people label you when speaking to others
  40. Gary Coleman California Star of Governorial “The Surreal Candidate Life” Star of “Different Strokes”
  41. Chris Brogan President of Co-Authored New Marketing “Trust Agents” Labs Blogger
  42. Missy Ward Walks to Co-Founder Save Boobies of Co-Founder of Affiliate Summit
  43. promotion
  44. promotion Think of personal brand like a business • Who are your “customers”? • What is the most effective way to reach them? • How do you differentiate yourself from the “competition”? Brands do not grow quickly organically Engagement through social media is only part of the equation • Diversify your marketing like a business would Invest in yourself if you want to succeed • Personal time • Personal money
  45. promotion Sponsored Posts Search Marketing Display Ads Swag Sponsor Events Attend Events
  46. monetization
  47. thank you @tedmurphy