The Thin Green Line


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Ted Eubanks presentation on Austin's Shoal Creek for the Shoal Creek Conservancy, 5 August 2013.

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  • Eastern amberwing, one of the smallest dragonflies along Shoal Creek. All images in this presentation are by Ted Lee Eubanks, and all rights are reserved.
  • Horsemint. The quote is from Yi-fu Tuan’s Space and Place: The Perspective of Experience .
  • Mouth of Shoal Creek at Lady Bird Lake. Waterloo, the original settlement in this area and the precursor of Austin, must have been between here and Waller Creek.
  • West 3 rd railroad trestle over Shoal Creek. The trestle once carried passenger trains downtown to the two depots located there. This is a potential highline styled park.
  • Left: West 6 th Steet Bridge (1887). Right: Shoal Creek looking north toward the West 3 rd Street RR trestle.
  • Left: Seaholm, site of a former City of Austin power plant now being developed into multi-use. Right: Underneath the West 3 rd Street RR trestle
  • Custer’s Oak, Pease Park
  • Duncan Park
  • The Arches, Pease Park, just north of West 24th
  • Spanish moss overhanging Shoal Creek in Pease Park
  • Left: Split Rock, Shoal Creek immediately south of West 31 st Right: Child playing in the Splash Pad at Pease Park
  • Shoal Creek looking west toward Custer’s Meadow
  • Left: Wood duck, common nesting duck on Shoal Creek Right: Four-spotted pennant, common dragonfly around Shoal Creek and the Colorado River
  • Left: American snout (butterfly) Right: Mating pair of neon skimmers (dragonflies)
  • Eight-spotted forester (Alypia octomaculata) (moth)
  • Green or Carolina anole (lizard)
  • Buffleheads
  • Neon skimmer (dragonfly)
  • Eastern spotted whiptail (lizard)
  • Left: Eastern amberwing (dragonfly) Right: Rufous hummingbird (winters locally along Shoal Creek)
  • Left:
  • The Thin Green Line

    1. 1. Shoal Creek Conservancy Protecting Austin’s Thin Green Line We can do this, together
    2. 2. What begins as undifferentiated space becomes place as we get to know it better and endow it with value. Yi-Fu Tuan
    3. 3. Where the city began…
    4. 4. Where the city began…
    5. 5. Where the city began…
    6. 6. Where the city began…
    7. 7. The parks…
    8. 8. The parks…
    9. 9. The parks…
    10. 10. The parks…
    11. 11. The parks…
    12. 12. The parks…
    13. 13. Austin’s thin green line…
    14. 14. Austin’s thin green line…
    15. 15. Austin’s thin green line…
    16. 16. Austin’s thin, green line…
    17. 17. Austin’s thin, green line…
    18. 18. Austin’s thin, green line…
    19. 19. Austin’s thin, green line…
    20. 20. Austin’s thin, green line…
    21. 21. Austin’s thin, green line…
    22. 22. …we are willing to fight for places that are more central to our identities…this is especially true when important symbolic meanings are threatened by prospective change… Richard Stedman
    23. 23. Austin’sthin,green line… Shoal Creek Conservancy Presented by Ted Lee Eubanks ©All rights reserved