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Design Portfolioshow


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Have a look our design portfolio...

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Design Portfolioshow

  1. 1. Custom Modular Exhibit Linear Exhibits Island Exhibits Case Study
  2. 2. VIQ Solutions Exhibit Program
  3. 3. VIQ Solutions was introducing a new marketing plan. They were modernizing their entire program. Trade Show exhibiting would be a primary element in this new marketing plan. VIQ Solutions required an exhibit that could be used in a number of configurations from a 10x10 to a 20x20. ECS work with VIQ in the creation of a new exhibit. Through a number of designs until the client was completely satisfied with the design.
  4. 4. Requirements VIQ Solutions required an exhibit that is interactive. They would need to demonstrate there product to show visitors. Done on a one to one as well as to a larger crowd. They required name identification from distance. But most of all graphically tell the VIQ story. On a cosmetic side VIQ wanted an exhibit that was modern and innovative. Most of all it need to fit into the new marketing plan for VIQ. Project Budget: $ 50,000.00 cdn
  5. 5. Step 1: Line Sketch The first step ECS takes in creating a new display for a client is to begin with a line sketch. At this point ECS works with the client to create a concept that works. Adjustments are made until we have created a line sketch that works. No mater how long the process takes or how many drawings it takes! ECS worked with VIQ to create a layout that would meet their needs for upcoming shows.
  6. 6. Step # 2: Color Rendering and Budget Once a Line Sketch is approved we move on to finalizing the design with a full rendering. It is important that we help you visualize the final exhibit best we can. Full color renderings, fly threw, what ever it take to better our client level of satisfaction. This includes the creation of the graphic outline and choosing the finishes for the exhibit. At this point ECS also creates a full budget outline including all details from manufacturing to storage and even the show services. Working with VIQ’s advertising firm we teamed up to create a graphic package. Then we worked together to create the color scheme and chose the finishes. Budget Estimate from ECS: $ 44,500.00
  7. 7. Step# 3: Manufacturing The exhibit was fabricated in our Toronto area facility. The completed booth took two weeks to complete. Once completed VIQ came in to inspect the exhibit before it was shipped to their first show in Kansas City.
  8. 8. Step 4: The Show ECS coordinated all the details of VIQ’s first show with the exhibit. The exhibit travelled to Kansas City for the NACM show. “ with ECS help the NACM show in Kansas City was a overwhelming success. The new exhibit was the hit of the show and we really out shinned our competition. “ Showna Baillie Marketing Manager VIQ Solutions