Ed3 4 skid weigh plus


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Ed3 4 skid weigh plus

  1. 1. ED3 SkidWeigh PlusEnhanced SeriesLift Truck Onboard Check Weighing Scales
  2. 2. ED3Standard LED display check weighing.ED3-SMStandard LED display check weighing withvisual / audio warning to the operator.ED3-ATStandard LED display check weighing withaccumulative load weight total.In the world of material handling, warehousing and logisticseverything needs to keep moving.A substantial amount of productivity can be hindered by losingfractions of operational hours due to downtime and reducedoperator efficiency.With a constant measurement of lift truck utilization on everyvehicle, every minute, every hour, every day in real-time you willachieve a constant increase in percentage of vehicle hoursutilized.The fact that utilization factor is automatically calculated /updated and shown to the operator on LCD display all the time isusually in itself a means of improved vehicle utilization withoutany additional analysis.Being able to track lift truck utilization in real-time by individual lifttruck operator is the key to fleet optimization.SYSTEM APPLICATION• LTL freight transportation• Warehousing and distribution• Manufacturing• Agriculture• Heavy industries• Steel production facilities• Lumber yardsINDUSTRIAL TRUCKFREIGHT WEIGHT VERIFICATION & OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMSED3 SeriesExternal Visual Warning
  3. 3. ED3 SKIDWEIGH PLUS SERIES SOLUTIONS AT A GLANCEED3 SKIDWEIGH PLUS SERIES SOLUTIONS AT A GLANCEENHANCED ED3 SERIES LCD DISPLAY SKIDWEIGH PLUS SYSTEMS MODELBasic check weighing system ED3Basic check weighing system with overload warning ED3-SMBasic check weighing system with accumulative load weight total ED3-ATBasic check weighing system for rough terrain lift trucks ED3-RTBasic check weighing system for truck / trailer mounted lift trucks ED3-TMBasic check weighing system for electric pallet trucks ED3-EPED3-RTStandard LED display check weighing.ED3-TMStandard LED display check weighing.ED3-EPStandard LED display check weighing forelectric pallet truck.The ED3 SkidWeigh Plus Series system is a general application digital electronic device that measures the load weighton any type of material handling vehicle.Every time a skid load is picked up the increase in hydraulic pressure on the vehicle lifting cylinder will automaticallyactivate the “Weighing cycle” at sample rate of 16000 readings and convert it to a load weight measurement. The loadweight will be displayed on LCD display.Worldwide* Patented Technology has exclusive software algorithm incorporated in the ED3 Series that allows a varietyof vehicle operating conditions to be measured to suit the end user specific needs.The optional wireless interface provides the real-time event notifications will give cost effective tool to assist materialhandling operations to improve fleet efficiency, safety and utilization.
  4. 4. OPERATION AND FUNCTIONS ED3 ED3-SM ED3-AT ED3-RT ED3-TM ED3-EPOperational voltage (0-55 VDC)Check weighing onboard weighing scaleAccumulative load weight functionTwo independent weighing channels N/AOverload visual warning LCD displayOverload visual /audio warning LCD displayGraduation 1Graduation 5Graduation 10Real time percentage load readout N/A N/AKeypad for TARE functionHydraulic accumulator software function N/AExcessive engine idling visual warning N/AUnder utilization visual warningImpact detection audio warning (indicator)Impact detection visual warning (indicator)Impact detection visual warning, externalRough terrain lift truck operation N/A N/ATruck / trailer mounded lift truck operation N/A N/A N/ACold storage lift truck operation N/A N/A N/AExcessive engine idling visual warning / wireless reporting N/AUnder utilization visual warning / wireless reportingImpact detection audio warning (indicator) / wirelessreportingImpact detection visual warning (indicator) / wirelessreportingImpact detection visual warning, external, with wirelessreportingPrintouts of load weights N/A
  5. 5. OPERATION AND FUNCTIONS ED3 ED3-SM ED3-AT ED3-RT ED3-TM ED3-EPParts count functionOperator ID#Operator ID# memory default functionSafety check, start time, stop time and total timeAlphanumerical keysEnglish languageSimple calibration method by lifting empty and loaded forksNo coding during the set up proceduresClear LCD messages of the operational statusFrench languageCustomized company name on printed load ticketsBluetooth module long rangePressure transducer check functionReal-time clockLCD showing accumulative total and current load weightLCD display, low temperature -20 C to+70 CTwo relay outputWash down enclosureWeb based reportingTimestamp for eventsStandard function Optional functions (Number of availability depends on ED3 SkidWeigh system)
  6. 6. The information provided in this brochure contains only general descriptions or performance characteristics, which do not always apply as described in case of actual useor which may change as a result of further development of the products. This information is merely a technical description of the product. This information is not meant orintended to be a special guarantee for a particular application or particular durability. An obligation to provide the respective characteristics shall only exist if expresslyagreed in the term of the sales contract. We reserve the right to make changes in availability as well as technical changes without prior notice.Your Local Material Handling DealerIntegrated Visual Data Technology Inc.3439 h TerraceOakville, OntarioCanadaL6L 0A7Phone: +1 905-469-0985Fax: +1 905-825-9494www.skidweight.comED3 Series SkidWeigh Systems V1.1-2013Load Handling Vehicle Monitoring System*USA 4,757.712; 4,949,263;5,285,020; Canada 1302566;1304479; Australia 598,376; 605,647; Germany 38811280.0: 3887754.6; EU 0293697; 0351453For more information, visit us @ www.skidweight.com