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Using Technology to Achieve Total Health


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Using Technology to Achieve Total Health

  1. 1. Driving Total Health with Health IT and Health 2.0Ted Eytan, MD Holly PotterThe Permanente Federation, LLC Vice President of Public Relations,twitter:@tedeytan Kaiser Permanente twitter:@htpotter
  2. 2. Conflict of Interest Disclosure Ted Eytan, MD • Holly Potter• Salary – The Permanente Federation, LLC (Eytan) – Kaiser Foundation Health Plan (Potter)
  3. 3. Our Story: 2006 - 2010 Driving Total Health Health Information Technology as a tool Health 2.0 as a potentiator Measuring our efforts and moving ahead Kaiser Permanente
  4. 4. (Your) HIT will generate interestFor its potential to fail... Source: Kaiser Permanente
  5. 5. (Your) HIT will generate interestFor its potential to succeed... Source: breakthrough-va-kaiser-to-share-records/ Kaiser Permanente
  6. 6. We Stand for Total Health Integrated Health Care Easy, Excellent, Comprehensive Commitment to Prevention Address issues before they become problems Empowering of the whole person Beyond health care - mind, body, spirit What you eat, the air you breathe, the environment you live in Kaiser Permanente
  7. 7. Kaiser Permanente: By The Numbers Doctor office visits} 36.7 million Prescriptions filled} 129 million Surgeries} 547,338 Mammograms (women ages 42 to 69 years)} 1.1 million Colorectal cancer screenings} 1.6 million Research and evaluation studies} 3,150 Biobank DNA samples collected} 110,000+ Peer-reviewed journal articles published} 700+ Community grants awarded} 2,400+ Environmental Leadership Awards} 27 HIMSS Analytics Stage 7 Awards} 24 Kaiser Permanente
  8. 8. KP HealthConnect® – Enabling Patient-Centered CareMy Health Manager, part of a comprehensive electronic health record Ambulatory deployment complete: 431 medical offices live Inpatient deployment nearly complete: 29 Inpatient complete March 2010: of 36 hospitals 36 hospitals live live 24 HIMSS Stage 7 Hospitals Kaiser Permanente
  9. 9. My Health Manager – How big? 4,000,000 Registered members 3,000,000 40% signed on 11 or more times (in 2008) 2,000,000 91% of members 1,000,000 satisfied or very satisfied with (survey in 01Q 072Q 07 3Q 07 4Q 07 1Q 08 2Q 08 3Q 08 4Q 08 1Q 09 2Q 09 3Q 09 4Q 09 2Q 2009) Source: Kaiser Permanente Internet Services Group Web Analytics Kaiser Permanente
  10. 10. Transforming, Streamlining a System Kaiser Permanente, Hawaii: Visits per Member In Person 5 Telephone Secure E-mail 4 “For the majority of (HEDIS Quality) measures 3 that were comparable, performance remained stable during the study 1 period.” 0 Jan 2006 August 2008Source: Chen C, Garrido T, Chock D, Okawa G, Liang L. The Kaiser Permanente Electronic Health Record: Transforming And StreamliningModalities Of Care [Internet]. Health Aff. 2009 Mar 1;28(2):323-333.[cited 2009 Mar 11 ] Available from: Kaiser Permanente
  11. 11. ...while prioritizing quality Breast Cancer Screening • HEDIS 2009 100% 90% 80% NCQA 70% 2009 90th Percentile 60% 50% 2006 2007 2008 Hawaii Region Georgia Region Source: Kaiser Permanente Integrated Analytics; Data is for commercial enrollees only; When I Grow Up (Hawaii) - Kaiser Permanente YouTube Channel - Kaiser Permanente
  12. 12. “Performance gets you the podium”Jack Cochran, MD, CEO of The Permanente FederationNational Governor’s Association, Washington, DC Kaiser Permanente
  13. 13. Providing care is inherently social “Balancing Work and Family” Kaiser Permanente YouTube Channel
  14. 14. Care delivery should be social, too Kaiser Permanente
  15. 15. A future social workspace “A Dashboard to My Job” Heather Heart, IT Support Manager, CO Kaiser Permanente
  16. 16. Health 2.0 = Participation“Health 2.0 is participatory healthcare. Enabled by information, software, and community that we collect orcreate, we the patients can be effective partners in our own healthcare, and we the people can participate inreshaping the health system itself.” - Dave Kate (Patient) (Physician) Kaiser Permanente
  17. 17. Our Converging Paths Ted Holly (Washington) (California) Informatics-Blog Group Health Cooperative Informatics HOME { 2006 04 14 } The Andon Cord and Patient Safety in EpicCare RECENT POSTS 1 . Seeing the Impact: New York “At any time during the production process at a Times Journalism Institute Toyota plant, any team member who spots a 2 . Medication Reconciliation, at problem can stop production by pulling the 37,000 feet “andon cord” located next to the assembly line. 3 . QISTS ’07 Begin Today – An andon board (left) lets supervisors know the Nephrology location of the problem with a blinking light and a 4 . Radiology Orders Default distinct musical tone.” Screen 5 . EnROL - Enhanced Record This approach empowers employees to highlight defects and bring attention to their Lookup Information Guide solution without being penalized. When the line stops, everyone must stop what they are doing and attend to the fix. SEARCH We have created a similar setup for EpicCare at Group Health. We now have clinicians on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to respond to any questions about Find the functioning of EpicCare that are concerning for patient safety. In consultation with the on call clinician, the “andon cord” will be pulled. When the cord is pulled, an BASICS emergency response team will be assembled, which will do rapid analysis of the About this Blog problem and make decisions about next step. Subscribe to updates The analogy here is the code team in a hospital, who will bring a code cart and through e-mail preparation to diagnose the patient and act quickly. Pulling the andon cord does not mean that Epic will be shut down; it simply means that a team will be assembled RECENT COMMENTS quickly and other work will stop. "As it so happens, we The goal of this new process is “door to doc in 45 minutes.” We have had the received a legal opinion occasion already to use it in real time, and have been able to achieve this goal. today..." (Ted Eytan on The iPod as a Continuing Posted by Ted Eytan on Friday, April 14th, 2006, at 6:31 am, and filed under Education device; and Safety. Popularity: 18% allowance within CME Follow any responses to this entry with the RSS 2.0 feed. budgets for purchase) You can post a comment.Sources: Group Health Cooperative Informatics Blog (internal); The Health Care Blog: A Permanente Group Executive speaks Kaiser Permanente
  18. 18. “Owning my own health care” “Kaiser Permanente HealthConnect® at Home - Empowering People” Kaiser Permanente YouTube Channel Kaiser Permanente
  19. 19. Why social media?• Protect and promote the brand• Extend the impact of traditional media• Improve organic search results• And ultimately, create brand champions Kaiser Permanente
  20. 20. News Center – On Twitter: @KPNewsCenter Also @KPNorCal @KPColorado @KPNorthwest @KPHawaii @KPGANews (Georgia) Kaiser Permanente
  21. 21. Total Health Brand - On Twitter: @KPThrive & @KPVivaBien Kaiser Permanente
  22. 22. Kaiser Permanente Blogs
  23. 23. Facebook: Community & Employees Kaiser Permanente
  24. 24. You
  25. 25. Twitter: A Sampling of Active PR Team Members Kaiser Permanente
  26. 26. Engaging MDs and Other Leaders Kaiser Permanente
  27. 27. Our Twitter Community: Preparing for a Tsunami Kaiser Permanente
  28. 28. Our Social Media Policy • Employees must not represent KP views in social media channels, at work or not, without prior approval • Aligns with Principles of Responsibility • Covers all social media channels • Is a “living document” and will be updated/revisited regularly • Kaiser Permanente
  29. 29. Changing Conversations• Monitoring• Responding• Pitching• Participating Kaiser Permanente
  30. 30. Monitoring • Weekly blog report since 2007 • Conducted baseline audit of multiple platforms June-December of 2008 • Begun real-time monitoring and database tracking 2009 Kaiser Permanente
  31. 31. Pitching: Unleashing the power of Twitter(Good old- 400 media storiesfashioned PR work) about the study Kaiser Permanente
  32. 32. Reached @ 2 million more via TwitterEstimated 800 Tweets/RTs (in 8languages), including LA Times,Washington Post, CNN,Huffington Post Kaiser Permanente
  33. 33. Responding: service recovery via Facebook Before After Kaiser Permanente
  34. 34. Participating as people . . . Ted Eytan, MD e-Health. Patient empowerment. Washington, DC. Home Content Home About Portfolio Contact Subscribe to Updates Discussion LATEST TWEET Is it meaningful if patients can’t use it? No public Twitter messages. Follow me on twitter May 28th, 2009 by Ted Eytan | Popularity: 36% | Edit this entry 20 comments | show/add » PREVIOUS ENTRY Photo Friday: Jane and Bob at NCVHS I attended a smallish get together yesterday organized by Christine Kraft to think about Health Testimony 2.0 / DC in the epicenter type things, where we thought about some of the trends in social NEXT ENTRY media use, social media use by physicians and medical groups (I got a lot of help on this one), Few are using HMSA’s Online journalists, and finally, a real story about a patient’s experience, here in DC, that really brings to Care | | light a problem with a meaningful use definition that doesn’t include “and the patients can see The Honolulu Advertiser the data.” SIMILAR POSTS I’ve been thinking about the idea that meaningful use must include “patients can see everything” 73 Cents : A New Monument to Patients, in Washington, since ARRA came out, and see my first mention of it in the Twittersphere around April 22. I have DC noticed since then that the idea seems to be picking up steam – initially I was told by some that Meaningful Meaningful Use Photo Friday: Return Expectations to the Upright Position this would be a “distraction” to the conversation. Now I’m sure that it’s not. Read on… Moderating a Dream Panel at WHIT 5.0 This is the story of Regina Holliday – it’s really worth a read, and I’ll quote some of it here: How would you counsel this patient? We will fight the good fight. Regina’s USA medical advocacy 2009 PHOTO Why do we have more transparency in special education law then in medical care? Why do we have more access to information on a box of Cheerios then on a medical chart? Why isn’t Kaiser Permanente
  35. 35. ...and creating real relationships Kaiser Permanente
  36. 36. The full spectrum of engagement Kaiser Permanente
  37. 37. The power of shared knowledge “Connected” Kaiser Permanente YouTube Channel
  38. 38. Thank you Kaiser Permanente