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  • Health and health care have witnessed a tremendous explosion of innovation over the last several decades. New technologies, new procedures, and new ways of connecting people and information all have the potential to transform health and medicine.In 2003, RWJF created the Pioneer Portfolio—a clear commitment to harnessing this pipeline of emerging ideas to serve the social good. Our work complements the more targeted efforts of the Foundation’s other teams.The Pioneer Portfolio is uniquely suited to invest in innovation at many different stages. Our goals are to:•Identify and explore new issues and approaches.•Accelerate progress on issues and approaches that have significant potential to create breakthroughs in health and health care.•Support projects that use original, unconventional, or cross-sectoral approaches to create transformative change.
  • Over the last decade, Pioneer assembled a diverse portfolio of projects that reflect these goals in very different ways: Whether it’s games for health where we invested early on to try and forge an intersection between the fields of video games and health and health care, in an attempt to accelerate the progress of this promising area. Or whether it’s our efforts to create an improved alternative to the medical malpractice system in the United States—not through a series of tort reforms, such as caps on damages—but through an entirely new model: administrative health courts.
  • We hear a lot about innovation these days. And a lot about innovation in health and health care.  But what do we mean when we talk about innovation? What is pioneering innovation? These are ideas that are: Future-oriented. Original.Unconventional – letting patients see their doctor’s notes after an office visit.And they’re ideas that solve big problems – like how to accelerate the scientific discovery process.Ideas that use approaches and tools from other fields – such as using perspectives from natural resource economics to think about the problem of antibiotic resistance.And finally – and I think most importantly – they’re ideas that bring about potentially transformational, not incremental, change.
  • ILNdc - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

    1. 1. Innovation in Health & Health CareThe Pioneer Portfolio ApproachMay 2013Christine Nieves, Program Associate
    2. 2. ■ Introductions■ The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation■ About Pioneer■ Pioneer’s Projects■ Pioneering Innovation■ Share Your Ideas With Us!We’ll Be Talking About:
    3. 3. 3About Me■ Background:• Penn, Oxford• Entrepreneurship, Reinventing Medical Discovery, Latino / Puerto Rican• TV presenter, host■ Email:■ Twitter handle: @nieveschristine
    4. 4. 4About the Robert Wood Johnson FoundationWe are the nation’s largest philanthropy dedicated solely toimproving health and health care.
    5. 5. 5What RWFJ DoesWe work in seven program areas…■ Childhood Obesity■ Public Health■ Quality/Equality■ Coverage■ Vulnerable Populations■ Human Capital■ Pioneer
    6. 6. What the Pioneer Portfolio Doesidentify andexplore newideasaccelerateprogress onemerging issuessupport projectswith originalapproaches
    7. 7. Pioneer’s Projects
    8. 8. What Is Pioneering Innovation? Future-oriented Original Unconventional Transformational Ideas that:solve big problemsuse approaches and toolsfrom other fieldsIdeasthat are:
    9. 9. 9Share Your Ideas With Us!■ On the web: (Read our strategy, then submit aproposal)■ On Twitter: @pioneerrwjf■ Via email: