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ILNdc - Henry Ford Health System


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ILNdc - Henry Ford Health System

  1. 1. “ILNdc”Center for Total HealthWashington, D.C., May 2013
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  4. 4. Why does Detroit care so much?• Premier (and immense) medical center• Solid academic partners• World-class supply chain partners• An economy in transitionSimply, it’s our best opportunity
  5. 5. HFHS Innovations MissionTalentAttractionImprovedReputationImprovedCareIncreasedRevenueDonorGiftsEconomicDevelopment
  6. 6. 1. HFII: HFHS mission-based innovation, education and training2. Technology Management: Commercial technology transfer ofHFHS inventions3. Affiliate Technology Management: Technology managementalliances with select partners4. Corporate Innovation: Committed developmental partnerships inselect clinical areas5. Product Development & Venture Fund: Technology validation andseed financing for HFHS innovations and corporate vehicles6. Coordinated Consulting: Centralizing HFHS medical innovationconsulting practicesHFHS Innovations Programs
  7. 7. vProgram What it means to an innovator Resources AvailableHFIIThere is a “front-door” to HFHSinnovation capabilities andresources.Training, prototyping,partnering events andinfrastructure.Technology Management(TM)Team of technology transferprofessionals are engaged.Patenting, licensing andstartup support.Affiliate TechnologyManagement (ATM)HFHS is establishing globalpartnerships with select peers.Expanded networks andcapabilities; grantopportunities.Corporate Innovation (CI)HFHS is establishing dedicatedpartnerships with corporateentities.Sponsored research,access to proprietarycorporate assets.Product Development andVenture Fund (PDVF)Technology validation and seedfinancing is available forinnovations and emergingcorporate vehicles.Cash, for both technologyvalidation and corporateestablishment.Coordinated Consulting(CC)Professionals available tocounsel, negotiate and helpmanage consultancies.Reduction of personalliability and bureaucracy.HFHS Innovation Overview
  8. 8. HFII is the non-profit research, education and advocacy arm of theHFHS Innovations program, providing:• Cultural infrastructure for innovation and entrepreneurship at HFHS• Turnkey access to intellectual asset-related leadership,infrastructure and programs for HFHS innovators• Design, opportunity assessment and engineering services to HFHSinventors• Seminars & workshops, integrated development programs andpublic educational offerings• Published research in the areas of medical innovation andtechnology based economic developmentThe HFII Mission
  9. 9. Projects Under Review