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2016.11.04 Why be Social (Media) ?


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2016.11.04 Why be Social (Media) ?

  1. 1. Why be Social (Media)? Ted Eytan, MD MS MPH • twitter: tedeytan • November 4, 2016 Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Sciences, Richmond, CA USA
  2. 2. Capital TransPride, Kaiser Permanente Platinum Sponsor • May 21, 2016 • Washington, DC USA (I’m also a family doctor, a Permanente physician, a Kaiser Permanente member, a Washington, DC resident) Hi. I’m Ted. (follow me @tedeytan)
  3. 3. I’m here from the future Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health, Washington, DC • @KPTotalHealth
  4. 4. doctor | 19th century
  5. 5. § 24/7 access worldwide § 11,000,000 members can – email their doctor – participate in video visits – check lab test results – order prescription refills – manage appointments patient | 21st century
  6. 6. Listening
  7. 7. social network “linear” Listening solves problems
  8. 8. social network “connected” Listening solves problems
  9. 9. social network “connected”
  10. 10. time’s up! social network “linear”
  11. 11. more time • better solution social network “linear”
  12. 12. Listening, beyond the immediate Source: Lazer D, Friedman A. The Network Structure of Exploration and Exploitation. Administrative Science Quarterly. 2007;52(4):667–694. Available at:
  13. 13. Listening “You know institutions tend to become static; they build walls around themselves to protect themselves from change, and eventually die. You should fight that by opening up your thinking and your ideas, and work for a change.” -Sidney Garfield, MD
  14. 14. Presence Agencies, departments, and organizations don't do things - people do things. People's names should be on things to foster both accountability and pride. - Edward Tufte
  15. 15. Presence
  16. 16. I want to know about YOU -
  17. 17. How?
  18. 18. 2008
  19. 19. Contagion
  20. 20. Live in the century of your choice Quick side note, I think it's phenomenal that you put your preferred gender pronouns in your email signature. You are first healthcare executive I have seen do that. I hope it sparks others to follow suit. Also – I must say, I haven’t seen very many email signatures with preferred gender pronouns listed – so cool to see that!!
  21. 21. “Kaiser (Permanente) is so far past faxing orders that they’re into sustainable apples” -Jess Jacobs, April, 2013, TEDMED http:// For whom
  22. 22. For whom
  23. 23. Being There “Bouncing a Ball Alone: Grokking Failure” - Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, November, 2012
  24. 24. Thank you.