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  1. 1. #socialTV-aggregate Audience Report Key Metrics: #socialTV-aggregate | January - 2 - 2013 #socialTV-aggregate had 58 Twitter shares during the report period. PeekAnalytics identifies and maps the Total Audience digitalfootprints behind the source profile of each mention; then segments the audience into Consumer, 58 Business and Private. Some consumers share your content multiple times. This number represents the actual number of unique Unique Audience people who shared this content. Consumers are counted once, no matter how many times they share yourReport Style: Share Report 34 59% content.Report Name: #socialTV-aggregateReport Date: Impressions counts the number of potential impression that the identified audience can create. This content Impressions was shared by consumers who have a combined total of 122.3K social connections across their social 122.3K graphs. 1
  2. 2. Identified Audience IDENTIFIEDReport Style: Share Report AUDIENCEReport Name: #socialTV-aggregateReport Date: Audience Reach Insights Insights : - On average, each of #socialTV-aggregates followers has 7,197 connections across all social media platforms. Therefore, #socialTV-aggregate can potentially indirectly reach AVERAGE 122,355 (17 x 7,197) NETWORK SIZE people. 2
  3. 3. Audience Demographics Insights : -*Statistics based on 71% of #socialTV-aggregates followers, whose sex we were able to determine. SEX Insights :Report Style: Share Report - 67% #socialTV-aggregatesReport Name: #socialTV-aggregate audience is between 26 - 35. - *Statistics based on 18%Report Date: of #socialTV-aggregates followers, whose age we were able to determine by AGE RANGE identifying through social profile or public records data. Insights : - Compared to the average #socialTV-aggregates female followers tend to be more in the 26 - 35 age range. FEMALE FOLLOWERS BY AGE 3
  4. 4. Audience Demographics [continued] Insights : - Compared to the average #socialTV-aggregates male followers tend to be more in the 18 - 25 age range. MALE FOLLOWERS BY AGE Audience Geographic InsightsReport Style: Share Report Insights :Report Name: #socialTV-aggregate - #socialTV-aggregate has a higher percentage ofReport Date: followers from Paris, Ile-de-France, France than the typical Twitter user. TOP CITIES Insights : - #socialTV-aggregate has a higher percentage of followers from New York than the typical Twitter user. TOP STATES/PROVINCES 4
  5. 5. Audience Geographic Insights [continued] Insights : - #socialTV-aggregate has a lower percentage of followers from USA than the typical Twitter user. TOP COUNTRIES Audience Social Media UsageReport Style: Share Report Insights :Report Name: #socialTV-aggregate - #socialTV-aggregates consumer audience isReport Date: active on at least 69 social profiles and/or blogs. SOCIAL MEDIA USE Insights : - 96% of #socialTV-aggregates followers have LinkedIn profiles. - #socialTV-aggregates has more followers who use Quora than does the typical Twitter user. SOCIAL MEMBERSHIPS 5
  6. 6. Audience Social Media Usage [continued] Insights : - 35% of #socialTV-aggregates consumer audience has been identified as a *Geo Location. ONLINE ACTIVITIESReport Style: Share ReportReport Name: #socialTV-aggregateReport Date: 6