Best Suites in London


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The world is a wonderful place full of innumerable attractions. There are hundreds of exciting places to indulge in and enjoy your life to its fullest.

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Best Suites in London

  1. 1. Best Suites in LondonThe Montcalm At The Brewery London City52 Chiswell Street, EC1Y 4SD, London, United Kingdom.Tel: +44 (0) 20 7614 0100Fax: +44 (0) 20 7374 2577Email ID: world is a wonderful place full of innumerable attractions. There arehundreds of exciting places to indulge in and enjoy your life to its fullest.One such popular place is London that houses many of the world’s beautifuland awe-inspiring sites. The highly modern English capital still reeks ofhistorical charm through its historical attractions. London is popular forcountless things ranging from its world famous museums, magnificent royalpalaces, legendary royal parks, art galleries, popular theatres, fashionablehigh streets, cultural houses, modern skyscrapers, ancient monuments andnot to mention its hundreds of luxury hotels that offer the best rooms andsuites in London. You can make an advance booking at a desired hotel ina preferred location in London to enjoy a fun-filled holiday there.Types of HotelsWith hotels spread throughout the city, London ensures that all its visitorsget a desired accommodation within their budget. The city has a widevariety of hotels including luxury hotels, tourist hotels, family hotels, airporthotels, bed & breakfast hotels and corporate hotels. Youth hotels can alsobe found here in abundance where backpackers can easily get a cheapaccommodation. The luxury hotels of the city offer plush suites in Londonto visitors with a sumptuous budget. These suites are well-equipped with allthe modern amenities to ensure a highly comfortable stay to guests. Butlerand chauffer services are also offered to the occupants of suites in luxuryLondon hotels.Hotels in Historic LondonLondon, as we all know, is a popular historic city and boasts a rich andawe-inspiring history full of gory murder tales and conspiracies. Most ofLondon’s historical buildings are still intact and many have been rebuilt orrefurbished after they got destroyed during the Great Fire of London in1666. You may choose from suites in London at any of the luxury hotelslocated near its historical buildings. Westminster Abbey, for instance, is
  2. 2. very popular with visitors around the world. This gothic church has severalpopular hotels in its vicinity. Similarly, you can book an accommodation ata stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, the Housesof Parliament, the British Museum, the Royal Albert Hall, St. Paul’sCathedral and any other historical building and monument of London.Hotels for Shopping BuffsLondon is a favourite shopping destination with shoppers in the world. Itsworld famous high streets give it an edge over other shopping destinationsin the world. Popular as one of the major fashion capitals in the world,London is home to Europe’s busiest high street i.e. Oxford Street. Otherpopular high streets in the capital of England are Kensington High Street,Sloane Street, Regent Street and Bond Street. Shoppers can book hotelrooms or suites in London near any of these high streets. Hotel rooms arealso available within easy reach of London’s charming markets, such asPortobello Road Market and Spitalfields Market.Hotels near London’s TheatreWest End is London’s theatre district and home to more than 30 theatres.Many of these theatres were built at the turn of the century and still offerhigh quality theatrical entertainment including long-running dramas andbreakout musicals. Apart from city’s best theatres, West End is also hometo London’s premium luxury hotels that offer relaxing suites in London fora comfortable and memorable stay. Hotel rooms are also available near theShakespeare Globe theatre and fringe theatres of the city.It is highly recommended that for an all-round holiday in the Englishcapital, you must search for hotels located in central London. This part ofthe city is the hub of all the best recreational activities in London. Asidefrom major luxury London hotels, central London is also home to Royalparks where visitors can relax and enjoy a picnic at. right away to make online hotel booking inLondon. Do not forget to check the various rooms and suites in Londonoffered by Montcalm London City Hotel.