NU FaceBook 101 JCC 2010


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Get hands on with Facebook and learn to connect with family and friends through the world's most popular online social network. Over the two sessions of this hands-on seminar, we will help you set up a profile, connect, and start sharing. We will introduce friending and groups, as well as creating your own special interest pages. Join us and learn what all the social networking fuss is about.

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NU FaceBook 101 JCC 2010

  1. 1. Facebook 101A Social Networking Workshop
  2. 2. Janan Compitello, project manager, website specialistJanan has over 12 years of experience working withbusinesses, nonprofit organizations and associations as aWeb site development and online communicationsconsultant.
  3. 3. Ted Husted, business analysis, author, speaker.Locally, Ted is the president of the Rochester chapter ofthe International Institute for Business Analysis (IIBA), andis the Business Track Chair for the Rochester SecuritySummit.
  4. 4. Facebook 1011. Welcome 1. Securing your profile2. Introductions 2. Friending and Liking3. What can you do with 3. Notes, Events, Groups Facebook? 4. Getting Help4. Signing Up 5. Coming Up5. Reviewing your profile 6. Questions6. Break
  5. 5. What can you do with Facebook?
  6. 6. Prelaunch ChecklistEmail account Secure Password AOL Failwhale86 Yahoo z0mb13 Hotmail h@ndb**k Gmail
  7. 7. Welcome to Facebook
  8. 8. Signing Up
  9. 9. ... Skip This Step ...
  10. 10. Reviewing your profile
  11. 11. Securing your Profile Account Settings Username, password, etc Privacy Settings Connecting, sharing Publisher On demand settings
  12. 12. Friending and Liking Select friends from your e-mail address books. Select people you know from your Facebook network. Search for friends by name. Select friends from your instant messenger contact list.
  13. 13. Your Wall
  14. 14. Wall Posts vs Sending a Message
  15. 15. SPAM is not your friend Be mindful of your Facebook friend requests More to come next time
  16. 16. Draft a Note
  17. 17. Setting up an Event
  18. 18. Creating Groups Create a shared group for you and some of your friends. Example groups: Family, classmates, coworkers or close friends.
  19. 19. Help Center
  20. 20. ResourcesFB Tour - - 101 - Help Center - YouTube -
  21. 21. Terms to KnowFacebook Glossary: application is anything built on top of the social graph through Facebook platform. Users manually add applications to theiraccounts. Most Facebook-built applications are pre-added to users accounts.attachmenta piece of content that is attached to a wall post or message.attendingRSVP status that means a person plans to attend an event.backLink for pagination - as in "back to previous page".badgea Facebook profile badge allows you to post a link to your Facebook profile on any website or email.
  22. 22. Facebook 101A Social Networking Workshop Part 2
  23. 23. Facebook 101 - Part 1 Recap What can you do with Securing your profile Facebook? Friending and Liking Signing Up Notes, Events, Groups Reviewing your profile Getting Help
  24. 24. Facebook 101 - Part 21. Welcome 1. Sell Stuff on Marketplace2. Feedback 2. Rank Books, Music, and TV3. What else can you do with Shows Facebook? 3. Join Groups and Apps4. Poke and Chat 4. Try other networks5. Post Photos (LinkedIn, Twitter)6. Break 5. Recap 6. Questions
  25. 25. What else can you do with Facebook?
  26. 26. Poke and Chat
  27. 27. Poke and Chat
  28. 28. Poke and Chat
  29. 29. Post Photos
  30. 30. Post Photos
  31. 31. Post Photos
  32. 32. Post Photos
  33. 33. Sell Stuff on Marketplace
  34. 34. Sell Stuff on Marketplace
  35. 35. Sell Stuff on Marketplace
  36. 36. Sell (Give, or Lend) Stuff
  37. 37. Sell Stuff on Marketplace
  38. 38. Rank Books, TV Shows, and Music
  39. 39. Join Groups and AppsGroups – Folks with related interests Books Knitting
  40. 40. Joining Apps and GamesApps – Online games and personalization widgets Marketplace LivingSocial - Books, TV, Music Farmville Farkle Im Reading Causes...