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Techniques for an educative use of Internet


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Techniques for an educative use of Internet:
Webquests, miniquests and treasure hunts

Published in: Education

Techniques for an educative use of Internet

  1. Techniques for <br />an educative use <br />of Internet<br />Raúl Reinoso<br /><br />Image: Sherlock Holmes outside Baker Street underground station bygregwakeonFlickr<br />
  2. Searching information in Internet is a frequent classroom activity<br />
  3. Lost in the net, does it ring a bell?<br />Image: WhichWay? bymscaprikellonFlickr<br />
  4. Our pupils can lose a lot of <br />time looking for information<br />Image: StopwatchbyErica_MarshallonFlickr<br />
  5. Let’s do some work about <br />technology and their <br />historical evolution …<br />
  6. … search the net, <br />don’t you!!!<br />
  7. It’s better to do it by means of guided investigation strategies<br />Image: Estonia - DuckcrossingbyOneFrom RM onFlickr<br />
  8. What strategies should I use?<br />Image: not to intervene when it came to you byliqueneonFlickr<br />
  9. Today´sMenu<br />Firstcourse<br />Webquests<br />Secondcourse<br />Miniquests<br />Dessert<br />Treasurehunts<br />Image: OtelloMoser - Executive Chef Enterprise Hotel MilanbyEnterprise Hotel onFlickr<br />
  10. Webquest<br />A guidedadventure in the search for knowledge<br />Image: TheDescentby Gwen's River City Images on Flickr<br />
  11. They allow the students to profit their time <br />Image: StopwatchbyErica_MarshallonFlickr<br />
  12. The activity is centered on the use of information more than on the search<br />Image: USB drive bysparkiebluesonFlickr<br />
  13. Small groups are created <br />encouraging teamwork<br />Image: Ants - Formiche discutono del più e del meno byLudovico CaldaraonFlickr<br />
  14. What structure<br />does it have?<br />
  15. Introduction: a motivating<br />scenery to awake their interest<br />Image: PiratesbylintmachineonFlickr<br />
  16. Task: What is going <br />to be the result<br />from the webquest?<br />An essay?<br />A presentation?<br />A video?<br />Image: A Simple Moment(o) by The iconoclastic yet iconic ionic on Flickr<br />
  17. Process: what to do and <br />in what sequence?<br />Image: Swing ChainbyBob.FornalonFlickr<br />
  18. Evaluation: How is the work <br />going to be evaluated?<br />Image: © grekoff/<br />
  19. Conclusion: What <br />have they learned<br />from the activity?<br />Image: ThebravebulbbyfabbioonFlickr<br />
  20. Don’t you have time<br />to do a webquest?<br />Image: travelogue 10 bytimcaynesonFlickr<br />
  21. Do you think it is <br />difficultto elaborate <br />a webquest?<br />Image: 114/365 bymattgrimmonFlickr<br />
  22. There are other possibilities: <br />Miniquests<br />Treasure Hunts<br />
  23. Miniquest, a webquestin three steps<br />Image: GeekySmurfbynicholasjononFlickr<br />
  24. What outline has <br />a miniquest?<br />
  25. Scenery: a role to introduce the problem to the student<br />Image: El Padre de la Patria byEl Pelos Briseño onFlickr<br />
  26. Task: questions related to specific resources in the net<br />Image: Ghostbusters with BrickForge Particle Gun & Pack byDunechaseronFlickr<br />
  27. Result: summary of the information obtained<br />Image: © Laser/<br />
  28. Treasure hunts, on board, <br />my fellows!<br />Image: 262: Arrrrrrrrrr! Talk like a pirate day! bypracticalowl en Flickr<br />
  29. What outline has a treasure hunts?<br />
  30. Questions with links: Links where <br />they have to find the answer<br />Image: Tengo un vicio byvik407 onFlickr<br />
  31. ¿?<br />… And the big question!!!<br />Image: Israel HandsbyDunechaseronFlickr<br />
  32. You know now…<br />
  33. It’s better to use guided search activities<br />
  34. I hope you liked the presentation<br />Thanksto Eva Fernández<br />Raúl Reinoso<br /><br />