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Home electrical installations


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Home electrical installations

  1. 1. HOME ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS● The electrical installation begins at electricitycounters room.● The counters are devices placed by companiesthat provides electricity to measure the electricenergy consumption.
  3. 3. HOME ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS● Individual derivation line get inside eachapartment through control and distributionpanel.
  4. 4. HOME ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS● Elements of control and distribution panel are:● PCS (ICP): Power Control Switch, controls thatconsumed power not exceeds the maximumcontracted power by user. It is sealed by providercompany.● AMS (IGA): Automatic Main Switch, protects aninstallation against high intensities and shortcuts.
  5. 5. HOME ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS● RCD (ID): Residual Current Device, is a securityswitch that disconnects all the home installationwhen there is any earth fault.
  6. 6. HOME ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS● MCB (PIA): Miniature Circuit Breaker, exists one byeach internal circuit, protects each circuit againstoverloads and shortcuts. It allows disconnect zonesindividually.● The number of MCBs in the control and distributionpanel depends on the metering type (with or withouttime discrimination) and the electrification level ofthe home.
  7. 7. HOME ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS● Electrification level at home can be basic orhigh.● Basic level:– Homes with less than160 m2of surface orcontracted power below9200W.– It must allow the use ofIt must allow the use ofcommon electrical devicescommon electrical devicesat home.
  8. 8. HOME ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONSFila 1 Fila 2 Fila 3 Fila 4024681012Columna 1Columna 2Columna 3
  9. 9. HOME ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS● High level:– Homes with more than160 m2of surface orcontracted power over9200W.– Homes with installation ofelectrical heating,air conditioning or driyer.
  10. 10. HOME ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONSFila 1 Fila 2 Fila 3 Fila 4024681012Columna 1Columna 2Columna 3
  11. 11. HOME ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS● Most common electric circuits at home are:● Single point light: lamp or lamps that can be turn onwith a single switch.● Commuted point light: lamp or lamps that can beturn on from two or more points.● Grounded or ungrounded electrical outlets.
  12. 12. HOME ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS● Single point light:
  13. 13. HOME ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS● Commuted point light:
  14. 14. HOME ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS● Grounded or ungrounded electrical outlets: