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Embedded Systems Training with live Projects For B tech Students


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    IT research and Development organization.
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    • System Hardware Design
    • Embedded Software/Firmware
    • Custom Application Development
    • On Demand Software Testing
    • On Demand Training
    • Outsourcing
    • Industrial Training
    * B tech Projects
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    I appreciate your interest in our company, Technogroovy Systems is an exciting, fast growing engineering company with a friendly atmosphere, a robust dedication to consumer amusement , and a drive to bring specific technical improvement to the nation’s most demanding technological problems. We are devoted to perform on exciting and convoluted programs that span the bottom of the ocean to the furthest corners of the universe. Here at Technogroovy our business affairs and perception are secure in our core values and characteristics. It is our company assumption that by embracing these ideals, we will accomplish success:



    Company Overview

    Technogroovy , a global provider of hardware and software solutions for the embedded real-time systems, esteemed for exclusive training programs delivered by an excellent team of knowledgeable , experts and highly qualified trainers, Passionate, devoted with a commitment to provide real business growth.


    Thanks to modern, contemporary solutions and enormous research and development together with the association with leading scientific R&D centers and global leading companies, Technogroovy went International becoming a world-wide training, development and outsourcing company providing solutions to advanced challenges.


    Acquiring perception is occupying a anxious impression of what to do to expand the potential of the company. It’s demonstrated by dedicated, leading thinking and planning that forecast and delivers performance beyond the company’s and consumer’s current urgency.

    Why us ?

    Leadership :

    Leaders set aspiration and determine the guidance for the association. Leaders conceive and grasp revolution and set the precedent. Leaders are pledged to professional evolution starting at the base levels of the organization. Leaders establish initiative, and pursue through.


    Those with honesty detachment energetic noble character, exhibit texture between arguments and accomplishment, and do what’s honorable. They establish faith by professed fairness, principled behavior, and liability.

    Customer Relationship/Fidelity:

    Customer focus is demonstrated by aware, loyal, compassionate advancement of customer’s commitment, target, and intention thereby ingenious positive word of mouth advertising about Millennium.


    Impressive communicators set fair aspiration with accurate, quantitative , target and a realistic time frame for achievement. They are feasible and appreciable, and requirement performance while arrange effective assessment and feedback.

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  • Technogroovy Industrial Training
    Embedded Systems Course For Ece Students & Working Professionals
    Join 4 weeks summer training programs on Embedded system.
    Training offered by Technogroovy Systems
    Embedded Courses, Embedded System Training, Programming , Engineering in India
    mould fresh electronics engineers and to retrain working engineers into High Caliber
    Each Embedded System is unique, and the hardware as well as software is highly specialized to the application domain Embedded system has become an essential part of any product or equipment.
    Embedded systems curricula and contents are given by professionals who are having more than one decade of experience.
    Project Work At Technogroovy
    Summer Training offer for Final Year Student of B.Tech, M.Tech.
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    Contact no- +91-7500347448,+91-7533940322
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  • Feel free to join us:
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    Mail on –
    Contact no- +91-7500347448,+91-7533940322
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Embedded Systems Training with live Projects For B tech Students

  1. 1. Harish RanaEmbedded Systems & Robotics Projects Based Training 9540854414
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3.  Perceive – Sensors (Touch, Light, Ultrasonic, etc) Make Decisions – Logic (Computation) Take Action – Actuators Interact – User Interface and Communication Power Unit Motor Bumper (Sensor) LOGIC Infrared Detector Actuators CONTROLLER (Sensor) Bumper Motor (Sensor)
  4. 4. Connected operation(remote execution on PC) Disconnected autonomous operation (with optional networked monitoring) Distributed execution (execution across compute units) 4
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. One more thing…
  7. 7.  Law 1: A robot may not injure a human being or through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm Law 2: A robot must obey orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with a higher order law Law 3: A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with a higher order law  Issac Asimov, 1941
  8. 8.  8