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Our school, valencian comunity, spain


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Our school, valencian comunity, spain

  1. 1. Clara Campoamor Alaquàs Secondary School.
  2. 2. DescriptionOur Secondary School have a lotof students and teachers. Youcan study different subjects:technology, maths, biology,geology, ... And other languages:French, English, Greek and Latin.We have a library, a gym, fourlaboratories (physics, chemistryand biology), computer room,workshop, vegetable garden, …
  3. 3. Computer room In the computer room can connect to the Internet and to give class.
  4. 4. GymIn the gym, wehave a thematerialnecessary for togive class. Wemake differentsports: football,handball, basket,…
  5. 5. Laboratory In the laboratory, we do experiments, we observe natural materials, …
  6. 6. Vegetable garden In the vegetable garden, we cultivate potatoes, rosemary, …
  7. 7. WorkshopIn the workshop,we built a car, abridge, atangram, electriccircuits, ...We also do class.
  8. 8. Library In the library, you can study and you take books that you wants read.
  9. 9. FallasWe celebrate“Fallas” every year,from 16th to 19th inMarch.We makemonuments andthen we fire them.
  10. 10. FallasWe celebrate“Fallas” every year,from 16th to 19th inMarch.We makemonuments andthen we fire them.
  11. 11. History works This is part of the work we did last year in Social Sciences.
  12. 12. THE END
  14. 14. VALENCIANCOMUNITY Jose and Juan
  15. 15. WHERE IS IT VALENCIAN COMUNITY?Its capital and largest city is Valencia. The region isdivided into three provinces: Alicante, Castellón and Valencia, and thirty fourcounties.
  16. 16. IMPORTANTS MONUMENTS 1.3 Valencia : Serrano Towers is one of Serrano Towers. the twelve gates that were found along the old medieval city wall in Valencia, Spain. It is considered one of Valencias most iconic building and is one the best conserved monuments in the city.
  17. 17. IMPORTANTS MONUMENTS 2.3 Alicante : The Palmeral of Elche is a The Palmeral of Elche. planation of palm trees in the Spanish province of Alicante. It is the largest palm grove in Europe and one of the largest in the world, surpassed in size only by some in Arab countries.
  18. 18. IMPORTANTS MONUMENTS 3.3 Castellón : Episcopal Palace of Episcopal Palace. Castellón is located in the Governor of this city and was built in the late eighteenth century in style.
  19. 19. IMPORTANTS PARTIESValencia: Alicante: Fallas. Moros y cristianos. Castellón: Magdalena.
  20. 20. TRADICIONAL FOOD OFVALENCIAN COMUNITY. Paella. Arroz al horno. All i pebre.
  21. 21. THE END. This is the end of the slides aboutValencian Comunity and we hope you enjoyed all the information.
  23. 23. IndexGastronomyFestivalsSportsMonuments
  24. 24. Gastronomy a) C rem a V al enci (Catalu ña) (Paella Esgarraet (Valencia) Callos (Madrid) Fabada ( Asturias)
  25. 25. a) Festivals (V a lenci Tom atFallas ina ( V alenc ia) Feria (Sevilla) San Fermín (Pamplona) San Isidro (Madrid)
  26. 26. Sports F. Alonso ( F1 Driver) R. Nadal ( tennis player)National basketball team National football team
  27. 27. a) Monuments Migu elete evill (Vale lo ro (S ncia)Tor re de La sagrada familia (Barcelona) La alhambra (Granada) La cibeles (Madrid)