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Guión trabajo segundo trimestre


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Guión trabajo segundo trimestre

  1. 1. Sustainable Energy – Clean Energy for the FutureAfter the first exchange of information, each group use aPresentation Software to make Slide shows about Renewablesources of Energy in our country.You will make a slide show with 20 slides. You must write sentencesexplaining the images inserted into the slides.There are two applications used for slide presentations: Impress(available for Windows and Linux) and PowerPoint which works onWindows operating systems.Information: • Students book page 74 Non-conventional power plants. • Activity Renewable sources of energy. • Activity Sources of electricity (wind, solar). • Activity Sources of electricity (biomass, hydroelectricity, nuclear, natural gas). • Videos in Tecnocampoamors Blog. • Wikipedia. • BBC, bitesize. esources/energy_rev2.shtml • Kid and energy. Clara Campoamor Departament de Tecnologia Programa Plurilingüe 1
  2. 2. Contents: • Cover ◦ Title ◦ Image ◦ Student name, group. • Introduction ◦ Definition of Renewable Source of Energy ◦ Different types of Renewable Source of Energy • How my energy works • My energy in the world • My energy in Spain • Environmental impact ◦ Climate change ◦ Global warming ◦ Acid rain • Personal opinion.My energy; each student must talk about his own type of energy.IES Clara Campoamor Departament de Tecnologia Programa Plurilingüe 2