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Documento ayuda perfil personal inglés


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Documento ayuda perfil personal inglés

  1. 1. Documento de ayuda para rellenar el perfil personal en eTwinning: Hello / Hi, my name is _______ and I am twelve / thirteen years old. I attend secondary school. In my class there are __ boys and __ girls. My favourite subject is / are English, French, P.E., Technology, History, Geography, Maths, Natural Sciences, Computer Studies. I live in Alaquàs in a flat / house. I live with my parents and __ brother/s and __ sister/s. I like playing football, basket, volleyball, riding bike, dancing, playing videogames, talking to friends / My hobbies are football and listening to music. I don’t like dancing, going out. My last film was / I go to cinema once a month / twice a year........ My last book was / I have read........ I am tall / not very tall and thin / not very thin. I have / long / short / medium length, shoulder- length (por los hombres), dark / light, blonde / fair, brown, red, , curly (rizado), wavy (ondulado), straight (liso), hair and blue / brown / green eyes. I wear glasses. Write soon / Your pen friend / Hoping to hear from you soon Personalidad: extrovert, talkative, generous, hard-working, friendly, shy (introvertido), mean (tacaño), tidy /taidi/ (ordenado), lazy (bago), quiet (callado), selfish (egoísta), jealous, ambitious, imaginative, competitive, co-operative, affectionate (cariñoso), independent, sociable, insecure, aggressive, responsible, organized, self-confident (autosuficiente), charming (encantador), moody (humor variable), bossy (mandón), caring (generoso), careful (prudente), fun (ser divertido), humane (humano, compasivo), humble (humilde), rebellious (rebelde), steadfast (constante), spoilt (mimado), clever, stupid, childlike (infantile), conventional (convencional, clásico), distracted (distraido), lovable (adorable, encantador), supportive (compasivo), gentle (dulce, tierno), loving (cariñoso), cheerful (alegre), considerate (considerado), foreign (extranjero)
  2. 2. General Appearance: handsome, good-looking, ugly (feo), hideous (espantoso), beautiful (para mujeres), pretty (para mujeres), attractive, good looking, plain, ugly, tall, slim, short, overweight, medium height, well built. Apariencia: long, short, blonde / fair, dark, red, shoulder-length (por los hombres), curly (rizado), wavy (ondulado), straight (liso), hair. fringe (flequillo), bun (topo), moustache, beard, bald (calvo), ponytail (coleta), stud in her nose (un piercing en la nariz), freckled (pecoso), slanted eyes (ojos rasgados), pierced ears,