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Nobody Pays the Bills in Social Shares - Content Marketing with Real Value by @staceycav


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Stacey MacNaught's presentation from Digital Elite Camp, Estonia, July 2016.

Stacey MacNaught talks content marketing that delivers tangible benefits like lowers cost per acquisition from multiple channels and wins new customers.

Published in: Marketing
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Nobody Pays the Bills in Social Shares - Content Marketing with Real Value by @staceycav

  2. 2. Surprisingly few people really “get” content marketing. @staceycav
  3. 3. What my friends think I do… @staceycav
  4. 4. What my friends think I do… @staceycav “You get paid to mess around on Twitter all day, don’t you?”
  5. 5. What my Mum thinks I do… @staceycav
  6. 6. What my Mum thinks I do… @staceycav “Something to do with Google or something?”
  7. 7. What my Nan thinks I do… @staceycav
  8. 8. What my Nan thinks I do… @staceycav “Computers.”
  9. 9. But it’s not just our parents and grandparents who are confused about it. @staceycav
  10. 10. So are the clients/bosses paying the wages and the bills. @staceycav
  11. 11. @staceycav
  12. 12. @staceycav
  13. 13. “Fluffy,” doesn’t cut it. @staceycav
  14. 14. @staceycav Anyone can get impressions with very little investment
  15. 15. @staceycav Paid then led to a lot of organic Facebook reach
  16. 16. @staceycav Which resulted in lots of “engagement”
  17. 17. @staceycav This was <<< the post
  18. 18. @staceycav Lesson: People share stupid crap. And it really has no tangible value.
  19. 19. @staceycav
  20. 20. But content isn’t easy. @staceycav
  21. 21. In 2010, I was a part of the team involved in delivering this disaster. @staceycav
  22. 22. @staceycav
  23. 23. @staceycav Yes, there’s a dinosaur on it.
  24. 24. @staceycav No, I don’t know why…
  25. 25. @staceycav It generated 2 links and 4 Tweets.
  26. 26. @staceycav And of course, it didn’t result in anyone submitting an enquiry.
  27. 27. @staceycav
  28. 28. @staceycav
  29. 29. It was as embarrassing as Boris…
  30. 30. Fast forward a few years @staceycav (and a lot of trial and error)
  31. 31. We’re delivering links on quality and quantity. @staceycav
  32. 32. @staceycav
  33. 33. Garden and home security survey @staceycav
  34. 34. British Business Dreamers Survey @staceycav
  35. 35. We can correlate links with an improvement in rankings, traffic and sales. @staceycav
  36. 36. @staceycav @staceycav
  37. 37. But we can do better. @staceycav
  38. 38. @staceycav @staceycav
  39. 39. @staceycav @staceycav
  40. 40. @staceycav
  41. 41. @staceycav This generated links and engagement
  42. 42. @staceycav But also….
  43. 43. @staceycav Which resulted in…
  44. 44. @staceycav Which led to… £££ (direct and assisted bookings)
  45. 45. @staceycav
  46. 46. @staceycav Content to win researchers
  47. 47. @staceycav Retarget users based on which pages they viewed.
  48. 48. Content that generates measurable VALUE @staceycav
  49. 49. A (super simplified) version of the journey to PURCHASE @staceycav
  50. 50. And it’s here that I believe a ton of opportunity lies
  52. 52. @staceycav This is all about research
  53. 53. @staceycav It’s not just about understanding who the customer is and what they want.
  54. 54. @staceycav We have to understand the scenarios that put your customer potentially in the market for your product
  55. 55. @staceycav Desire Need
  56. 56. @staceycav Desire Need Products that people want, that people choose to buy and that people anticipate. Products people reluctantly buy because they have to have them.
  57. 57. @staceycav Desire Need Apple stuff. Designer labels. Crafty things. Status cars. (It’s not a cost thing) Car insurance. Washing machines. Vacuum cleaners. School uniforms.
  58. 58. @staceycav
  59. 59. @staceycav Where are all the sellers?!?!
  60. 60. @staceycav What is the event that triggers the process that ultimately ends in the purchase of your product/service?
  61. 61. @staceycav “My washing machine has broken.”
  62. 62. @staceycav What’s the user’s objective at this stage?
  63. 63. @staceycav “I want to fix my washing machine.”
  64. 64. @staceycav What online actions might they take?
  65. 65. @staceycav
  66. 66. Plan content around the triggers that begin the consideration process @staceycav
  67. 67. And content to meet needs or overcome problems at each stage through to purchase. @staceycav
  68. 68. Survey your customers about triggers @staceycav
  69. 69. A trigger for a new purchase in almost all product areas is a product recall @staceycav
  70. 70. @staceycav @staceycav
  71. 71. @staceycav @staceycav safety_products/rapex/alerts/main/?event=main.listNotifications
  72. 72. Find out what related online queries people make: @staceycav @staceycav
  73. 73. @staceycav
  74. 74. @staceycav
  75. 75. @staceycav @staceycav
  76. 76. Your call centre team! @staceycav
  77. 77. Use PPC to promote content cost effectively @staceycav
  78. 78. Nobody’s bidding @staceycav
  79. 79. Nobody’s bidding @staceycav
  80. 80. Nobody’s bidding
  81. 81. Don’t expect conversions here. @staceycav
  82. 82. And don’t expect people to just remember you when they are ready to convert. @staceycav
  83. 83. Retarget effectively. @staceycav
  84. 84. @staceycav Measure effectively.
  85. 85.