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Attitudes to smartphone voting - Tecmark/YouGov research


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Would you support the introduction of smartphone voting in general elections? Would the availability of digital voting boost turnout?

We teamed with YouGov to ask potential British voters their opinions on smartphone/tablet voting.

And from support to trust, turnout to concerns, their views make fascinating reading - and give a rare insight into what a future democracy should look like.

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Attitudes to smartphone voting - Tecmark/YouGov research

  1. 1. Photo: John Keane These paths are not as busy as before. Every UK general election from 1922 to 1997 had a turnout of more than 70%.
  2. 2. But since then… 2001 – 59.4% 2005 – 61.4% 2010 – 65.1%
  3. 3. What’s the answer?
  4. 4. Photo: University of Salford Press Office “…if it can be established as secure and reliable people should have the option to vote online…” – House of Commons speaker John Bercow, The Guardian, 26/01/15 This man said what we were thinking…
  5. 5. So we asked the country. Here’s what they said…
  6. 6. For more information contact Neil Barraclough @neilbarraclough 0161 266 4450