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Social Media & Digital Marketing


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The strength of when it comes to marketing VS other social media agency.

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Social Media & Digital Marketing

  1. 1. By:
  2. 2. Trust Know Like By:
  3. 3.  First people must know about you other than your physical location, where does most people spend their time now?     Laptops tablets mobile phones PC (yes, some folks are still using them) By:
  4. 4.  And on these platforms, people uses     Google FaceBook Twitter You tube **Singapore population 5.5 million, FaceBook users 2.5 million! By:
  5. 5.  Advertised on Newspaper from cost few hundreds to ten of thousands dollars per day? Or  Grow your community for a few dollars per day?  After which you get to continue marketing to this community? (E.g, even when you stop paying FaceBook, you get to keep all the leads, you own the community!) By:
  6. 6. And this is what OCM marketing package is all about, It is about getting the consumers to Know - Like - Trust and ultimately keep them patronising your shops. By:
  7. 7. KNOW  Find people looking for your products, services (Demand/competition).  Finding people that wants to know about your products or services to know you - we get you very targeted audience.  Do a plan to get these people to know you (Plan/strategies).  Tailoring and customizing your marketing to these targeted audience, we mitigate any chances of them not "liking" you. By:
  8. 8. LIKE  Get them to like you by marketing to them the right product at the right time (Marketing/promotion).  By reaching out to the targeted audience at the platform they uses, with the products they are looking and at the time that they are comfortable with. By:
  9. 9. TRUST  Get them to trust you by first giving rather than taking, Promotion through social Media.  Get the targeted audience to trust you with good deals, give-aways and value add that matters to this audience.  Prompt them to always check out YOUR platform and this also allows you to keep selling to them.  This allows you to do repeat business By:
  10. 10. Summary  We analyze for a niche, a service or a product that your customer is looking for,  Market it to them and deliver with more value add,  And build a relationship between you and your customer. By:
  11. 11.  Our FB page is also one of the fastest fans growing platform in Asia, according to independent statistic shown. By:
  12. 12.  If we can successfully build our own FB community, we can help build your organization Facebook page to own your very own community to achieve brand loyalty. By:
  13. 13. We can make Social Media works for your business. Contact us for more details: e: m: +65 97396969 t: +65 68325682 By: