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Why companies should look at setting up email based contact centers?


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Attivvo - Email Management Software improves handling of your customer queries/complaints emails, in a quick and intelligent manner for outstanding customer service.

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Why companies should look at setting up email based contact centers?

  1. 1. Why companies should look at setting up email based contact centers
  2. 2. History teaches us that change is inevitable and the one who changes with change is successful. Similarly, those who are able to follow the upcoming technical trends remain the leader for longer time irrespective of which domain it is! Resolving the clients’ issues to the core can retain them for your business to flourish to new heights. Customer care or a contact center is undoubtedly a brilliant means of getting in touch with business clients. In addition to the traditional call centers which work through telephonic calls, successful companies which are forerunners of a particular domain have set up email customer care along with other mediums to get glued to their customers. Why exactly is an email contact center required? Need of An Email Management Solution
  3. 3. Omni presence: Unlike a silo technology based contact center, a unified contact center can be contacted using email from anywhere in the world. This leads to a maximum access of customers eventually empowering the companies to serve the global customers in a better manner.
  4. 4. Time-saving: In case of email assistance, customer doesn’t need to be live while the problem is being solved. An email is very convenient for busy people. The customer can frame an email explaining the issue and send it to the contact center in a click. The representatives after resolving the issue will contact the customer through a reply email.
  5. 5. Cost cutting: No extra cost involved for the customers of email support. Contact Center also doesn’t need to hire more people; the existing voice agents can handle the incoming customer emails. A normal internet connection on both the ends can cut back the weight of other channels involved. An email management software can reduce the cost of the customer care contact center to a drastic extent thereby saving a lot of time.
  6. 6. Ignore the time zones: In the context of global entrepreneurship, companies are having clients across continents. It is not relevant to reach a contact center at odd times due to being on a different continent with a different time zone. An email contact center erases all such barriers paving a way to hassle-free communication with the companies’ representatives.
  7. 7. Valid proof: An email correspondence is a valid proof for both the company and the customer. Email thread with the complete instance right from the initial stage to the closure can be retrieved from a string. This documented proof can win the trust of a customer.
  8. 8. Ease of usage while saving the customers’ time has been the fundamental concept behind the surge of email contact centers in the past couple of years. Setting up an email contact center does not require any extra equipment but can definitely drive the numbers in a better place. The idea is to get along with the new technologies and trends to catch the pulse of the customer as a customer is the king in the digital era. Any change adopted at the earliest can reap a better harvest as early birds win quick worms.
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