Lean Startup Machine Shanghai 2012 - Lean Startup "Solve The Right Problem": Tim Ng


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Tim Ng, Senior Project Manager at Microsoft China, shares a story on a previous project that 'solved the wrong problem'.

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  • Lean Startup Machine Shanghai 2012 - Lean Startup "Solve The Right Problem": Tim Ng

    1. 1. Lean startup and … Microsoft?
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    3. 3. Advisor Deployment Guide Welcome to System Center Advisor Follow this guide to deploy Advisor on your network System Center Advisor is a cloud service that enables you to assess your server configuration and proactively avoid problems. Begin deployment
    4. 4. Advisor Deployment Guide Step 1. Plan for the deployment Select at least one Internet connected server to be the gateway Identify additional servers for installing agents Gateway Advisor Service A gateway is an Internet connected server in your network than can upload data collected from agents to System Center Advisor. User Gateway + Agent Gateway Agent An agent collects information from a server Private network Private network in your network and sends that information to a gateway. * You can install both a gateway and an agent on the same computer. Agents Agents System Center Advisor architecture diagram Advisor system requirements Multiple server deployment guide Next
    5. 5. Advisor Deployment Guide Advisor Service Step 2. Install Gateways Gateway + Gateway Agent Use the following steps to install a gateway on your selected servers: Agents Agents 1. Download Advisor Setup This is a common setup program for installing a gateway and an agent. Download setup 2. Download your registration certificate This certificate is used by the Setup. It helps the gateway identify your Advisor Download certificate account. Make sure it is only accessible by your Advisor administrators. Downloads not working? 3. Copy both files to your target server The Setup can only run from a local drive/directory on your target server. 4. Run the Advisor Setup on your target server Follow the instructions in the Setup wizard. If you want your gateway If you don’t want your server to be analyzed by gateway server to be Advisor, choose both analyzed by Advisor, choose "Gateway" and "Agent" on only "Gateway" on the the Installation Options page. Installation Options Page. (Recommended) Back Next
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    7. 7. Lessons Learned• MVP is not the final product• BML is a loop• Hidden assumptions need to be exposed – Talk to others to understand your hidden assumptions
    8. 8. Thank you• Tim Ng (timng@microsoft.com)• Mark Gilbert (markgil@microsoft.com)