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Multi-step projects with a single-task device


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The iPad allows students to ramp up to app proficiency quickly - learning to use Pages to write an assignment or Skitch to draw on a photograph. Challenge your students’ device proficiency by providing multi-step projects that rely on a students ability to assess and identify the right tool for the job from a variety of app choices.

In this session, de Haan & Delavan will outline a process for encouraging students to map out a complex project that requires various apps to reach successful completion. We’ll look at opportunities for student choice within the project settings that include chances for analysis, synthesis, & self-evaluation.

Presented on August 15th, 2012 at the Puget Sound Educational Services District (PSESD).

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Multi-step projects with a single-task device

  1. 1. #iPadProject Multi -­‐step Projects with  a        Single -­‐task Device
  2. 2. #iPadProjectAgenda ๏ Intro ๏ De(initions ๏ Examples ๏ Assignment ๏ Guiding  questions
  3. 3. #iPadProjectIntro Jac de  Haan {@techwithintent}๏ iPad  1-­‐to-­‐1  manager๏ edtech  blogger๏ amateur  astronaut
  4. 4. #iPadProjectIntro Ethan   Delavan {@ethandelavan} ๏ edtech  coordinator ๏ media  producer ๏ bicycle  collector
  5. 5. #iPadProjectIntro
  6. 6. #iPadProject
  7. 7. #iPadProjectProcedural Thinking
  8. 8. ‘ #iPadProjectIf  you  assign  a  project  &  get   back  30  of  the  same  thing,   you  didnt  assign  a  project,   you  assigned  a  recipe. -­‐Chris  Lehmann @chrislehmann
  9. 9. #iPadProject
  10. 10. #iPadProject
  11. 11. #iPadProjectLinear        vsBranching
  12. 12. #iPadProjectLinearTake Add Givephoto text to  me
  13. 13. #iPadProjectBranching
  14. 14. #iPadProjectWhy?
  15. 15. #iPadProjectWhy.
  16. 16. #iPadProjectWorkshopChoose  an  App  you  love. 1)What  does  it  do? 2)Why  it  is  great? Post  your  explanation  in  a   public  place.
  17. 17. #iPadProjectWhat  doesremediation  look  like?
  18. 18. #iPadProjectWhat  willbe  assessed?
  19. 19. #iPadProjectAssessmentLiterate Transmediate๏ Voice  vs.  tone ๏ Shape  vs.  form๏ Sentence  structure ๏ Color  palette๏ Flow  of  thoughts ๏ Pacing  of  emotions๏ Transitional   ๏ Eye  movement phrases ๏ Remix๏ Quotation
  20. 20. #iPadProject Jac Ethan   de  Haan{@techwithintent} Delavan {@ethandelavan}