iPad one-to-one admin overview


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iPad one-to-one admin overview

  1. 1. iPad Open House 5.10.12
  2. 2. Administrative Considerations:● Premise: “every child in the Middle School will have a computer”Goals:● Promote: creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, communication, connection, problem-solving ● Foster skill development in: research, presentations, word processing, digital media literacy● Functionalities: internet, reader, calculator, inking, video and audio content creation & consumption
  3. 3. Admin. considerations (cont.)● school values and strategic plan,infrastructure and curriculum Goal #1: PREPARE our students for Academic Excellence in a Global Future Westside commits to develop essential 21st Century skills that help prepare students to succeed as informed world citizens.● Background: PC, server-based environment, 6-7 desktops per classroom in 3-5th, doc cameras, projectors, some netbooks● Budget/costs - roughly $500/student, 62 devices, 2 carts ($50K)● Marketing/ Bling factor
  4. 4. Purchasing:1. Apple education - get approved, discount2. macbook as control module, backup3. ordering - was 3wk timeline4. cart selection, charging vs. sync5. keyboards6. config time, app selection7. VPP - volume purchase program, code mgmt8. access.- cases, adapters, stylus, screen protect9. Resources: Monoprice, Amazon
  5. 5. Instructional preparation● devices to teachers in summer● experimentation, push it, "what cant they do?"● Ways to use in classroom: ○ center work, reader, presentation, app-specific, IXL- 1st in Math, keyboarding, research, Google Earth, video and audio creation,● Professional development: Apple, local, in-house● Take home and play
  6. 6. Student and Parent Preparation:● Acceptable use policy● iPad contract● case selection● insurance option● device checkout - student with parent● student orientation - scaffolding, 1 hour, day, overnight...● breakage, damage, loss● student choices - good and bad
  7. 7. Questions:● Does tech: ○ enhance and enrich the curriculum and program? ○ facilitate differentiation ? ○ improve individualization? ○ act as a marketing tool? ○ engage and challenge students?Other:● Email-internal, external, Gmail, Exchange● itunes - individual or managed, app codes to teachers?● Office vs. Pages/Numbers/Keynote● Flash: Rover, 2x, Citrix...