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Dr. Tech Comm - How I learned to Love Change Management


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Hour long presentation comparing and contrasting the skills and capabilities needed to do change management as technical communicators.

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Dr. Tech Comm - How I learned to Love Change Management

  1. 1. Dr. TechComm, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Change Management Connie Giordano & Al Martine
  2. 2. Connie Giordano Al Martine• TechWhirl Executive Editor • TechWhirl Bus Dev/Ops Director • Content Wiz • Strategy Wonk • SWU Den Mother • Sales Guy • Chief Cat Herder • Head of Janitorial Services• Previous Roles • Previous Roles • Change Management Analyst • Change Management • Information Designer Consultant • Business Analyst • Head of Fundraising • Technical Writer / Editor • Marketing Director • Communications Specialist • Event Manager • PR/Product Manager 3
  3. 3. • We have a Plan C – Tech Comm vs. Change Management – Why do Change Management? – Change Management Structure – Overlapping/Complimentary Skills“The whole point of the doomsday lost if you keep it a secret!” -Dr. Strangelove 4
  4. 4. • Facilitating transition• Reducing fear 6
  5. 5. • Facilitating change• Improving experience 7
  6. 6. Does Change Management = Tech Comm? 8
  7. 7. Technical Writer • Gather • Plan • Assess • Communicate • Organize • Implement Change Management Analyst
  8. 8. 90% Communication Emotion Logic Circumstance“its beginning to look like General Ripper exceeded his authority.” - Gen Buck Turgidson
  9. 9. • Implementing the business case: – Logic (Analytics) = Rider – Emotion = Elephant – Route = Path to the new world 11
  10. 10. Rational side looks for: • What’s working? • Navel Gazer / TBU • Clear goal/objectives • Follow the bright spots • Script the critical moves • Point to the destinationAmbiguity is the enemy. Any successful change requires a translation of ambiguous goalsinto concrete behaviors. -Chip & Dan Heath, Switch
  11. 11. Does this fit the TC skill set?
  12. 12. • Emotion wins the day • Hard to direct /skittish • Unstoppable once in motion • Find the feeling • Shrink the change • Grow your peopleMy boys will give you the best kind of start,1400 megatons worth, and you sure as hell wont stop them now . -Gen. Buck Turgidson
  13. 13. Is this easy?The Elephant has to believe that it’s capable of conquering the change -Chip and Dan Heath, Switch
  14. 14. Changing the situation creates changes to behavior • Tweak the environment • Build Habits • Rally the HerdNow, Im going to give you THREE SIMPLE rules… -General Jack D. Ripper
  15. 15. Is This the TC Sweet Spot?Tweaking the environment is about making the right behaviors a little bit easierand the wrong behaviors a little bit harder Chip & Dan Heath, Switch
  16. 16. Meetings: the real doomsday machine Train wrecks and terroristsWell, I, uh, dont think its quite fair to condemn a whole program because of a single slip-up, sir. -Gen. Buck Turgidson
  17. 17. • Top Down Executive Alignment• Executive Support• Effectively directing the Rider, motivating the Elephant and shaping the path • The hot line is always open• What else? • Someone has the Recall CodeBased on the findings of the report, my conclusion was that this idea was not a practical deterrentfor reasons which at this moment must be all too obvious. -Dr. Strangelove
  18. 18. • Resources – Heath, Chip and Heath, Dan. Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard. 2010, Broadway Books, New York – Heath, Chip and Heath, Dan. Switch Your Organization: A workbook – Kotter, John and Cohen, Dan. The Heart of Change. 2002 Harvard Business Review Press, Boston – Kotter, John and Cohen, Dan. The Heart of Change Field Guide. 2005 Harvard Business Review Press, Boston – Haidt, Jonathan, The Happiness Hypothesis. 2006. Basic Books, New York – Thaler, Richard, and Sunstein, Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness, 2008. Yale University Press, Princeton – Kelman, Steve. Unleashing Change. 2005 Brookings Institution Press, Washington, DC • LinkedIn Groups – Change Consulting & Change Management – Change Management Network – Innovative Leadership & Change Management Expert Innovators...Shoot, a fella could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff. -Maj. T.J. “King” Kong
  19. 19. • Recognize existing CM skill sets • Network with change agents • Develop needed CM skill sets• Build winning business cases• Implement by: – Directing the Rider – Motivating the Elephant – Shaping the Path