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iPhone Or Android App Development


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Check this Slide Share to have a succinct idea of key differences between iPhone and Android phones. Go ahead and click the link with Techugo - a top mobile app development company

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iPhone Or Android App Development

  2. 2. Apple is the only company that makes iPhones, so has extremely tight control over the software and hardware. Curated app store, fewer worries of malware No expandable storage Limited customisation Good Support Google offers its Android software to many phone makers, so Android phones vary quite a bit in size, weight, features, user experience, and quality. Open source, easily customised Expandable storage on many phones Higher chance of malware Interface not the same on all phones Hardware
  3. 3. iPhone App Store offers slightly fewer apps than Android Apple is popular about what apps it allows and how it changes its policies. Google Play has a massive number of apps available Google’s standards for Android apps are tad flexible Apps
  4. 4. iPhone users have quick and regular iOS updates for the iPhone. Android updates take little more number of months to arrive on all the devices. Os Update
  5. 5. For the tablet, computer, or wearable users Apple offers better options. Google's services work across all devic- es, but because there are so many man- ufacturers of Android devices there's no unified experience. Integration With Other Devices
  6. 6. Apple users can take their device to the closest Apple Store, where a trained specialist Android users get the support from the phone company their phone belongs to, but there is no Android Store to sup- port. Support
  7. 7. Apple’s Siri is improving all the time and gets even more powerful in iOS 10, but it's still limited to fairly simple tasks when compared to Google Now.  Google Now, the most prominent artifi- cial intelligence/intelligent assistant system on Android, is extremely pow- erful. Intelligent Assistant
  8. 8. Early iPhone models had batteries issues but the recent models, it’s easy to go days at a time without needing a charge. Due to the greater variety of hardware used in Android phones, Android’s bat- tery life is more varied. Battery Life
  9. 9. W E L O V E T O B E F O L L O W E D
  10. 10. Thank You ! L E T T E C H N O L O G Y S U R P A S S Y O U R I M A G I N A T I O N You can reach us at: Skype: ankit.techugo vaibhav_techugo