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Google Maps


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Learn more about the top 6 hidden features of Google Maps with Techugo..

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Google Maps

  1. 1. Google Maps 6 Features Hiding Below The Surface...!
  2. 2. Techugo Map Updates We all are comfortable using Google Maps to locate the undisclosed location. Google Maps, has a list of exciting and hidden 6 more features to be revealed further. Let’s go on the journey of Google Maps’ hidden fea- tures with Techugo…
  3. 3. Learn More About Your Destination On the options menu, you can turn on different filters and features to get different information about where you're going to. For example turn on the filter “avoid toll” to find the toll-free way.
  4. 4. Share Directions "Share Directions“ let you text or email directions to someone through a link, or even share directions over Twitter or Facebook if you so desire.
  5. 5. Download An Offline Area You can access Google Maps offline also. Simply tap in the search bar and scroll down until you see "Download a new offline area." Alternatively, you can search for a city and swipe up from the bottom, and then hit the "Download" option. Google won't let you download too large of an area, but you can go up to 120,000 square km. You can interact with this offline section of the map and search for directions to locations within that part of the world.
  6. 6. Use “Explore” To Explore The "Explore" section is particularly useful if you're travelling on business or to a new place and need to explore the place further for food or roam anywhere. On the main search screen, click on the three parallel lines on the left-hand side of the search bar. On zooming into a reasonably local area, you would see the "Explore" section, which will direct you to your desired destination.
  7. 7. Sign-in For Better Service Sign in to Maps, adds a bit of more functionality. If you sign in and turn on your history, from that point you'll be able to reference your past destinations more quickly. You can also link your Google Contacts to Google Maps, so it gets much easier to find your colleague’s house by pulling it from your address book.
  8. 8. Multistop Trips Google has rolled out a new feature that lets you plug in more than one destination at a time. Simply hit the options menu from the directions screen, There are three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner. Selecting "Add stop." and start your journey with mul- tistop trips.