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Digital parenting


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Let's dig out the safety measures to be taken care to make the internet a much safer place for the kids...

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Digital parenting

  1. 1. Digital Parenting Let’s Make Internet More Safer For Kids
  2. 2. Techugo Updates A recent article in the The Atlantic by tech researcher Alexandra Samuel broke down the conventional and lax approach of parents towards handling the technology Let’s find out more about the article with Techugo …
  3. 3. Myths Today’s generation is super smart, they understand technology just because they know how to use it….. DON’T ASSUME. Gadgets work as pacifiers….GROW UP THEY’RE TOOLS, NOT NANNIES OR SUBSTI- TUTES FOR OTHER THINGS KIDS NEED. Kids’ online and offline lives are completely separate….WRONG, THEY’RE GROWING UP IN A CONNECTED WORLD, SO TEACH THEM TO LIVE IN ONE.
  4. 4. Handle With Care Let the kids learn to use technologies responsibly  Teach them how to choose strong passwords On reaching a understandable age to start using social media, show them how to use account settings that prevent them from exposing information they want to stay private
  5. 5. Influencing The Correct Chord Set example for your kids Avoid already picked up bad online habits such as using disgusting passwords, or spending too much time staring at our phones) Your bad habits might seem harmless to you, but unknowingly set a poor example for kids If you want your kids not to get addicted to the internet, you need to put down your own phones and step away from your own laptops Simple rule: if want kids to follow rules, then demonstrate that the rules work by making an effort to follow them yourself
  6. 6. Parental Guidance Needed Teach your kids not to bully and specially not to use the internet to cyber bully Teach young kids to avoid talking to strangers, both in real life and on the internet Don’t let the kids to visit websites or use online services that could expose them to threats “Crime, for example is both online and offline, so teach kids to avoid it in both places,” says Sean.