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Apple Watch Series 4 Review Techugo


Published on Do you think the latest Apple watch series 4 is sufficed to only design and big screen size? No there is much more not just in the UI but the features of this latest watch to be explored further, like EKG and...WAIT, why don't you unleash more about this new version, through this PPT...check further

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Apple Watch Series 4 Review Techugo

  1. 1. WATCH
  2. 2. Not many of us know that something which makes the Apple Watch a MUST-HAVE gadget, is its underpowered hardware. This legacy is further continued with the Watch Series 4. Flip the slide to unbox the magic from Apple watch Series 4 with Techugo- a leading app development company
  4. 4. WATCH DISPLAY The display has upgraded, offering more to be explored on your watch face. The smaller watch has increased the size from a screen size of 563 square millimeters to 759 square millimeters. The watch is about two millimeters “taller,” hence the new 40mm and 44mm designations. The older straps are compatible with the new watch sizes.
  5. 5. WATCH HARDWARE The watch hardware has replaced the S3 processor with the new S4 chip. It lets the watch to be more responsive to finger swipes and wrist-twisting time checks. The integration of Apple’s proprietary W3 chip, has added the more efficient Bluetooth 5.0 to the watch.
  6. 6. ECG SCANS ARE POSSIBLE Apple has included an electrical heart sensor capable of performing ECG scans, powered by the (harmless) electrodes on the watch. However it does not replace a visit to the doctor, but definitely it helps you gain some information. It can monitor heart’s electrical signals and create an ECG report indicating either an irregular heart rhythm. The watch may detect the high (or low) heart rates and give alert for a serious health condition.
  7. 7. FALL DETECTION The fall detection feature can help you make an emergency call to the preselected contact if user falls and is immobile for over a minute. This would help in abundance for any loss of life, in times of such incidents.
  8. 8. WATCHOS5 Recently released WatchOS 5 compliments the Apple Watch’s faster processor and larger screen. It makes the reading and responding to messages and notifications effortlessly. WatchOS 5 also comes up with new features like: walkie-talkie mode, improved recognition of workout, enhanced notification management, and an Apple Podcasts app.
  9. 9. Undeniably, with the larger screen, updated internals and better health functionality, and a library of apps, indeed Apple Watch Series 4 is the best wearable device you can have.
  10. 10. W E L O V E T O B E F O L L O W E D
  11. 11. Thank You ! L E T T E C H N O L O G Y S U R P A S S Y O U R I M A G I N A T I O N You can reach us at: ankit.techugo