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Things must know when sea traveling


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Things must know when sea traveling

  1. 1. Vietnam Discovery - FOOD | TRAVEL | CULTUREHome page: | Email: vietnamsurprise@gmail.comPage 13Things Must Know When Sea TravelingIn summer, sea travel is the choice of many people wishing to relax and enjoythe water sports. Vietnam is the most popular destinations with famousbeaches have ranked in top 100 in the world such as: Bai Dai beach in PhuQuoc island, An bang beach in Hoi An, Ha Long Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay...>> The beaches should go in Vietnam>> 2 Vietnamese beaches enter world’s top 100 beachesTo have a safe vacation, especially in strange waters, visitors should "learn by heart"following rules.Do not, should not when bathing...Do not to bath if the temperature is below 18 degrees celsius. Exercise before goingto bath but not too much.Slowly go into the water, do not throw down immediately. First time, do not swimmore than 15 minutes, not too far from shore in 15 meters or deeper than 5m area.The easiest way is keeping inside the limit flags that used in almost beaches.Should not be sun bath too long before go into the water. Do not keep your stomachtoo empty or or too full. Do not hold your breath too long while diving.Pay attention...
  2. 2. Vietnam Discovery - FOOD | TRAVEL | CULTUREHome page: | Email: vietnamsurprise@gmail.comPage 23Poisonous jellyfish, your enemies!Get out of water immediately when has the following symptoms: itchy body, feelingcold, unusually tired, aching forehead or nape. Cramps or visual disturbances. Thereare signs of abdominal distention, pain, elbow and knee.At the beach, the new toxic jellyfish and the reverse flow is offshore top two threats totravelers. If the beach has poisonous jellyfish, you should wear full body tightswimwear and bring vinegar to applied to the wound of jellyfish sting.If you do not have vinegar, wash the wound of jellyfish sting by sea water thencovered up by sand on the beach. Thus jellyfish sting will lessen.Sea backflows!But a more dangerous phenomenon, which is after continuous hitting the shore ofwaves, a backflow into the sea is formed. This backflow of water maybe not changestable throughout month or year, but they can also keep changing every hour.Why backflow is dangerous?At some beaches, the backflow does not flow seaward, it runs along the coast. Itsusually narrow, horizontally between 1-3m, some others maybe has the horizontallyover tens of meters wide, the average velocity of 0.5-1.0 m/sec, faster than the speedof human swimming.Backflow is the cause of most cases of rescue and drowned while bathing in theworld. The reason is that it pulls people swim away from the shore, makingexhaustion swim drowned in a panic and exhaustion while trying to swim against theflow.For those who can not swim, backflow can pull they further away whether they wasstanding in water only waist. Then people will not swim may panic and drown.What is more dangerous is where the backflow formed the water often flat, littlethought waves so visitors often come here and swim ignore hazard warnings, thenthey will immediately be swept away into the sea.How to recognize the backflow: Before swim, visitors should take about 5-10minutes to observe the sea. Backflow often brings the following characteristics:darker because it deeper, quieter water, usually smaller waves, sometimes you cansee the debris or foam floating on the water backflow and drift out to sea.
  3. 3. Vietnam Discovery - FOOD | TRAVEL | CULTUREHome page: | Email: vietnamsurprise@gmail.comPage 33How to get out of the backflow: Actually, backflow does not take people into thewater, it just pulls swimmers away from shore, and then pushes swimmers to thearea has waves hit the shore.However, people often fall into the drowning backflow because of the nature ofpeople that trying to swim against the flow to the shore, exhausted and quickly leadto drowning.Besides, the panic that make swimmers are no longer accurate judgment. Therefore,it is more important that crashed into the backflow is to be calm, do not try to swimagainst the flow. If confident, visitors swim parallel to the shore, often it can bringswimmers to the waves hitting area and then visitors can swim to the shore. Forweak swimmers: When can not touch the bottom of sea or feeling out of weakness,raised hand as signaling, calm down, float to keep the power then call for help.Also, if the backflow is weak, try to swim parallel to the shore to get the waves hittingarea.Remember that backflow can cause danger at any time, not just when a big wave.