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An bang beach the best attractive beach in hoi an


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An bang beach the best attractive beach in hoi an

  1. 1. Vietnam Discovery - FOOD | TRAVEL | CULTUREHome page: | Email: vietnamsurprise@gmail.comPage 11An Bang beach - The best attractive beach in Hoi AnAn Bang beach is located in Cam An ward, close to the center of Hoi Anapproximately 3 km to the east, it has a long beach about 4 km to the beautifulof natural landscape and diverse vegetation.Image credit: citypassguide.comUnllike Cua Dai beach, this destination is the famous beach with domestic andabroad tourists, An Bang beach quieter and usually reserved for locals. An Bangbeach has been loved as a attractive beach with light waves and white sand.Recently, there are lot of foreign tourists come to this destination for relaxing. Thisalso explains the appearance of Western restaurants and bars nearby the river.If want to meet lot of people, you can go to the bar; but if you love the quiet, you canwalk along the beach and feel like thats the place to yourself. Many restaurants inHoi An specialize in the royal dishes of Vietnam, as well as where visitors often stopto An Bang beach.