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Web Interface Customization Services


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TechStur offers highly customized solutions through its interface customization services for Citrix Web Interface, VMware&Outlook Web App.
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Web Interface Customization Services

  1. 1. Welcome to.Interface Customization Services© 2012 Copyright -
  2. 2. Why we offers highly customized solutions through itsinterface customization services for Citrix Web Interface,VMware&Outlook Web App. With Interface CustomizationServices, our business analysts and software engineers analyzeyour unique business needs to create customized interfaces thatimprove third-party integration. Customizations areaccomplished ensuring new product releases or service packswill continue to work smoothly.Interface Customization Services provide your institution with:•Development of new, third-party interfaces•Interface Customization Services enable your institution to:•Improve the integration between its core system and third-party© 2012 Copyright -
  3. 3. An Overview of InterfaceCustomizations:We know how important it is for you to make your web applicationsand console applications much easier and effective to use. Hencewe provide you with the interface customization service. Theservices are professional and of wide range, fully updated so thatyou are truly in touch with the latest trend and technologies. Wehave several services to choose from. Services like Citrix webinterface, Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway, Microsoft Outlook webapp, Microsoft outlook web access (or Microsoft OWA) and manymore to choose from.What we require here today as a user is the ability to customize theinterface of web based applications and remote access which arewidely used. At “Interface Planet” we truly understand your need toupgrade your web experience as a user over web basedapplications.© 2012 Copyright -
  4. 4. Custom Citrix Web InterfaceCitrix Web Interface customization service includesdesigning and implementation of Citrix custom webinterface. Depending upon your requirement,Interface Planet can help you design Citrix custominterface from scratch or incorporate your corporateidentity like logo, website theme.© 2012 Copyright -
  5. 5. Custom Microsoft Outlook WebApp can customize Microsoft Outlook Web App 2013 thatmatches your companys brand and identity. We can add your logo,your corporate site theme to Microsoft Outlook Web App 2013 tomake it a seamless part of your interface customization services can help integrateMicrosoft Outlook Web App 2013 with your customizedrequirements.Get OWA 2013 logon page in a new look, customoutlook web App 2013 themes and all other options and settingwith your branding elements.© 2012 Copyright -
  6. 6. Custom Microsoft RemoteDesktop Web Access 2008 R2We at help you to brand the remote desktop webaccess, so that it matches with your current brand identity, like logo,color theme and layout. Our team will help you to deploy it on yourRemote desktop web access servers and will provide you with acomplete step by step documentation to install it on other servers inyour environment.© 2012 Copyright -
  7. 7. Custom Microsoft RemoteDesktop Web Access provides design to the user’s Brand Elements andDesign Integration into all the pages of Remote Desktop WebAccess 2012. Remote Desktop Web Access 2012 involves RemoteDesktop Web Connection that allows the clients to connectremotely from a browser to the desktop of a computer havingRemote Desktop Access.© 2012 Copyright -
  8. 8. Thank You.© 2012 Copyright -