Mini Seedcamp Prague 2011-10-20 - Lookbook


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Mini Seedcamp Prague 2011-10-20 - Lookbook

  1. 1. Mini Seedcamp Prague 2011
  2. 2. Companies
  3. 3. Tommaso Borghi Tomas Camin Answhere.meWhy are you taking part in Mini Seedcamp Prague?We want to leverage this unique opportunity to meet great mentors thatcan both give us hard times and valuable feedbacks on our product anddirection.Email tommaso.borghi@gmail.comWebsite http://landing.answhereme.comTwitter @answheremeFrom Milan, ItalyCompany DescriptionSearch engines are the most visited website by smartphone users but duedo the intrinsic hardware constraints (small LCD, small keyboard)traditional search engines are everything but an effective solution to findinformation quickly.With you just need a tap to launch the app, 140 characters foryour question and well broadcast your query to the experts around you.Our service will understand the general topic of your question using simpleyet effective machine learning algorithm, find the experts in that topic andsend them your query.In few minutes you will get the information you need. Quick, effective andaddictive.Our team is composed by senior engineers with a strong expertise in thedevelopment of high quality software (previous products have already beenused by millions of users) and leading the technical development of bigcomplex projects.
  4. 4. Andrew Loginov Oksana Loginova AppScaleWhy are you taking part in Mini Seedcamp Prague?Presentation of AppScale project looking for the first round investment.Email team@app-scale.comWebsite Yekaterinburg, RussiaCompany DescriptionThe social market trend is that more and more game-companies go toforeign networks. But every SNS has its own Api that makes it difficult andcostly for developers to be on multiple networks.AppScale is a service that converts Api of Social Network Sites’ into eachother. Thus, allowing a developer to bring his Apps to new Social Networkson Api he has already. For instance, a Facebook App can go live on VZnet,,, and etc. with FBs Api!The idea to create a tool came to us when we ported an aplication fromFacebook to Vznet. We thought about a self-service that would distributeapps between different SNS for 5 minutes and didnt require deepprogramming, changing the source code and administrating.Having found the solution, we decided to share it with other developers inthe form of AppScale service.
  5. 5. Vit Horky Damian Brhel Brand EmbassyWhy are you taking part in Mini Seedcamp Prague?We are expanding into UK, D, A, NL and we will enter global market in just12 months. We need some advices (experienced mentors to talk to) andsmart money (investors) to become a global leader. Will you help us?Email horky@brandembassy.comWebsite http://www.brandembassy.comTwitter @Brand_EmbassvFrom Prague, Czech RepublickCompany Description"WE HELP COMPANIES TO TALK TO CUSTOMERS ON INTERNET"We provide specialists who listen to customers in online discussion all overthe internet, help them and promote purchases. The ambassadorsunderstand the needs of customers and officially and transparentlyrepresent the brand.Launched 10 weeks ago, we have got Wundermanand Isobar, the leading global advertising agencies, as a partners and 6paying clients, e.g. Captain Morgan or OTTO.We expand into UK, A, D, NL and into global market soon. We buildinternational network of trained brand ambassadors and we developed aunique online system for easy selection and efficiency assessment ofambassadors and customer insights.We target TOP 500 world brands through their agencies. We charge montlylicense fees. Vit, Martin and Damian, the co-founders, have all 7+ years ofonline marketing experience. They lead digital creative agency working for115 clients like Erste Bank, GM and others.
  6. 6. _ Eduardo Ferrin Balanced ScorecardWhy are you taking part in Mini Seedcamp Prague?Seedcamp will allow us greater visibility and recognition of our businessapps for tablets, a high-level networking, mentoring experience to help usin our strategy and access to raise funds.Email contact@bscipad.comWebsite http://bscipad.comTwitter @bscipadFrom Madrid, SpainCompany Description"Mobile Business Intelligence" Apps for Tablets to take the Control of yourBusiness in your Hand.Strategy focused on the rapidly expanding mobile business intelligencesector. Our fundamental idea: The democratization of strategic planningdata and operational guideposts.Our apps are guided by a common philosophy: Mobility, Usability,Simplicity, and Economicity. Our first app, Balanced Scorecard for iPaddemonstrates our commitment to this philosophic approach, in the first 6months in Appstore 20,000 users across 90 Countries.Most of the competitors within the BI app sector restrict their growth byonly targeting large corporations leaving a large market gap for productslike ours that are affordable to any business which creates a substantialmarket growth opportunity to quickly obtain market share.Apart from cost, the main problem with many competitor products is theirlearning curve of use. Our Team have experience in strategy consulting,marketing online and IT
  7. 7. Ajith Kumar Padmanabhan Patrick Schmidt CHAKKRWhy are you taking part in Mini Seedcamp Prague?We are a team of experienced techies determined to disrupt the world ofcourier-transport industry; and weve started it already. Seedcamp givesbusiness experts an opportunity to get to know us, guide us, and be part ofa growth story.Email info@chakkr.comWebsite http://www.chakkr.comTwitter @chakkrFrom Oberhausen, GermanyCompany DescriptionCHAKKR is a smarter way to ship goods. When it comes to transport ofirregular items (eg : household, furniture etc.), bought online/offline, theoptions are limited.A handful of BIG transport companies take the monopoly, keeping morethan 95% of a 25 Billion EUROS consumer-goods-transport market. Forconsumers, this means less choice, high costs, slow deliveries etc. CHAKKR is a C2C/C2B courier-marketplace which connects almost in real-time, the customers who want to ship goods, to couriers and transportersalready on the road, as well as to private travelers who want to earn extramoney while traveling.Customers get best prices, transporters avoid empty back-loads, andtravelers earn some money while on the road. Found by a team ofexperienced techies who were IT-Consultants in their previous life,CHAKKR uses a smart technology combining a Web, FB and Mobile App.CHAKKR makes money from commercial couriers, and from real-timeconnections.
  8. 8. William Tetteh George Heming FacekryptWhy are you taking part in Mini Seedcamp Prague?We hope to meet with and exchange ideas with like-minded engineers andentrepreneurs. We also hope to learn a lot more about the whole startupfundraising process and how to grow a successful startup from concept toprofitability.Email team@facekrypt.comWebsite www. facekrypt.comTwitter @facekryptFrom Cambridge MA, USACompany DescriptionFacekrypt addresses privacy concerns within public social networks byadding a layer of "secrecy" on top of existing access controls. Secrecy isachieved because all user data posted online is secured with a key.Only users with the right keys can view "secure" data and Facekrypt offersa means for users to share and exchange these keys securely.Users essentially retain ownership of all data posted online and cantherefore revoke permissions/data at any time.Facekrypt will become the social networks key authority for all user datashared online and we intend to make money off the key management anddistribution service.The Facekrypt team has a combined 20+ years (10 years working together)background of software development. We also have the right mix ofsystems engineering, embedded programming, app development, and webdevelopment background to tackle the challenges of this project.
  9. 9. Arianna Bassoli Johanna Brewer frestylWhy are you taking part in Mini Seedcamp Prague?Were hungry to transform the live music industry so we do everything wecan to spread the word about frestyl and seek out the critical feedback thatfuels our obsession with perfection. Seedcamp will be our shot ofadrenaline.Email info@frestyl.comWebsite https://frestyl.comTwitter @frestylnewsFrom Rome, ItalyCompany Descriptionfrestyl is a geolocalized, UGC platform (web/iPhone) that enables anyone(musicians, promoters, venues, music fans) to share info about upcomingconcerts and build their reputation as local music scene insiders.Our goal is to create the first truly social music recommendation engine toenable the discovery of new music through the live experience and providea direct-ticketing and door-management service for the event stakeholders.3 of the 4 members of our team hold PhDs (in Information & ComputerSciences, Management of Information Systems and Sociology ofCommunication) and our fourth has a strong start-up pedigree (he was thefirst coder at IndabaMusic).Weve previously designed & built music services for HP, Intel and MediaLab Europe, and everyone on the team boasts a musical background (wevegot an event organizer, an amateur DJ and two musicians).Were all bi-lingual (English/Italian) and we have an impressive 3:1female:male ratio.
  10. 10. .jpg elogo.gif pg Tim Sherratt Jack OConnor GlobeWhy are you taking part in Mini Seedcamp Prague?We’re most excited about the guidance from Seedcamp’s mentors. While westrongly believe in our product, we love receiving feedback on what we’redoing and where the idea could go.Email hi@globev1.comWebsite http://www.globev1.comTwitter @globev1From London, EnglandCompany DescriptionGlobe is a travel blogging platform (web & mobile app) for backpackers.Existing travel blogs are organised chronologically which makes theircontent hard to explore.Instead we order your posts geographically by plotting your trip on a map,linking all of your content to locations. We then pull in any other interestinggeotagged data you may produce (Foursquare, Twitter, Flickr, etc.) to makeyour story richer.While we will make money from targeted adverts and affiliate marketing,our primary revenue stream will be from the data we collect on the $136billion youth travel industry. Jack and Tim are both extremely passionate about travelling; betweenthem they have visited 43 countries in 6 continents. Tim unknowinglymade the globe prototype while he was on a 9 month round-the-world trip,and wanted to show his friends where he was and photos from the placeshe’d been.
  11. 11. Why are you taking part in Mini Seedcamp Prague?• To meet top European tech entrepreneurs, learn from them and hang out with them.• To get accepted into the Seedcamp program, which will immensely speed up the development of our company.• To party in Prague, as were there anyway.Email info@ideedock.comWebsite https://www.ideedock.comTwitter @IdeedockFrom Amsterdam, the NetherlandsCompany DescriptionIdeedock is an online tool that allows companies to run idea contestsamong their employees. • Employees have an overview of the challenges & can submit ideas • They earn points and badges for participationIdeedock is fully scalable (like basecamp)Companies often dont know how to optimally utilize their employeescreativity. An idea contest is an easy and subtle way to challenge people tobe creative. Its a way for companies to involve all employees in innovation.Customers pay a monthly fee (between €89 and €999) based on theamount of users.In 10 months we have acquired great customers as Rabobank, ING & RoyalHaskoning and generated over €40.000 revenue.Pepijn (25) started his first company at 22 while in college, and is anentrepreneur now for 3 years.
  12. 12. James (33) has over 10 years of professional development experience bothat IBM and Sogeti, and numerous startups.
  13. 13. Bernd Gruber Markus Krainz indoo.rsWhy are you taking part in Mini Seedcamp Prague?We want to get feedback on our product, learn more about developerevangelism, get business advice from serial entrepreneurs, get access to theseedcamp network and get funding.Email team@customlbs.comWebsite @indoo_rsFrom Vienna, AustriaCompany DescriptionWe provide a technology ( as an SDK, that enables accurate indoorlocalisation and navigation on smartphones and tablets.Developers need not worry about the technology and the math thatsrunning behind the scenes and can add this as a painless to use SDK to getthe additional content into their apps. Just think of the possibilities in malls, airports, exhibition centers. No additional hardware isneeded and neither is access to the Wifi – it just works.The SDK and the necessary software is offered for the companies anddevelopers. In return a licensing charge is collected by, accordingto the number of end-user licences.Besides studying Int. Business and Chinese Bernd worked for two years asa project manager for an e-commerce start-up. Markus is a computer geekand specializes in location based services technology. Additionally tostudying Electrical Engineering he worked as a programmer.
  14. 14. Jaakko Vainio Pauli Pihajoki Lokus DigitalWhy are you taking part in Mini Seedcamp Prague?We want to learn from the international mentors. We have gotten far inlearning stuff in Finland but now we need to broaden our horizons. Tomake our enterprise grow fast we need funding, partners and good advice.Email team@lokusdigital.fiWebsite http://www.lokusdigital.fiTwitter @LokusDigitalFrom FinlandCompany DescriptionLokus Digital the mobile that use augmented reality and multiplayabilityfor greater immersion and challenge. Currently, most mobile games aremade with computer designs in mind.The market is also oversaturated with casual games. So, not all the gamersfind anything to play on mobile devices. Our games tackle this problem. Ourbusiness model is freemium.This means the games are free-to-play and the income is through in-gamepurchases. We aim to publish parts of the game early on for customerfeedback. Our team consists of the three founders of the company. We havebackground in natural and computer sciences.We have a history of making things happen in hobbies and positions oftrust. This summer we attended an early startup program Summer ofStartups and also got into Startup Sauna program. We are driven to createthe games of tomorrow.
  15. 15. Taavi Hõbejõgi Sigmar Muuga Margn LLCWhy are you taking part in Mini Seedcamp Prague?Margn team definitely wants to find new connections, potential partnersand customers, ideas, feedback and hopefully receive investment.Email info@margn.comWebsite http://www.margn.comTwitter @Margn_liveFrom Tartu, EstoniaCompany DescriptionMargn is like a virtual accountant. It helps to collect and manage financialdata - invoices, payments, salaries etc.Margn is online accounting software meant for small organisations all overthe world. Freelancers, software companies, small service firms etc.The team consists of three hard working professionals, who are workingreally hard to create the best accounting system in the world. In fact, theteam has worked together for almost 4,000 hours without getting anysalary.Margn does not want to be a cheap set of forms for filling data. Goal is tomake really simple and intelligent system that would change the wayaccounting is done today.Margn earns money with monthly fee asked per organisation. CurrentlyMargn has about 30 customers.
  16. 16. peg.jpg Karim Amrani MilklyWhy are you taking part in Mini Seedcamp Prague?Weve been working heads down on customer/ product development & wethink its time to get in front of the seedcamp community to: • Show what weve been up to • Get extremely valuable feedback • Start engaging w/t investorsEmail team@milk.lyWebsite http://www.milk.lyTwitter @deliverthemilkFrom Geneva, SwitzerlandCompany DescriptionCraigslist meets Twitter meets Zillow, is a place where you cansearch for & offer help to people nearby, in real time.Another way to say it is: its a proximity based, real time marketplace forproducts and services.You post a a request (we call them milklys) indicating what you need,where & when you need it and what it is worth to you ($) and wait forpeople nearby to instantly respond. its magic!There are ~5,000 selling-related Tweets per hour not to account helprequests on fb, linkedin & mail - there is a clear latent demand for ways to monetize: • Transaction fees • Advertising • Premium Accounts
  17. 17. Team: wants to change the world and believe we are on the right track. Wehave the right blend: - UX - Product Development - BusinessDevelopment / Mgmt / Operations /Sales
  18. 18. logo_white.gif Gerzson Huszár Kristóf Bárdos MixgarWhy are you taking part in Mini Seedcamp Prague?We would like to become the leading interactive music streaming providerfor bars/venues in the next 3 years. In Prague we are looking for feedbackabout our product, meeting mentors and investors to grow our business.Email info@mixgar.comWebsite http://mixgar.comTwitter @MixgarFrom Budapest, HungaryCompany DescriptionMixgar is a community music streamer. It streams music that most peoplelike at a venue be it a bar, a shop or a franchise unit.Mixgar is way more than jukebox or a background music provider – it’ssocial, it’s interactive and it’s democratic – it plays the music the wholecommunity likes!Listeners check in to a bar and they can vote for songs with their mobile.They can also log in with their Facebook account so Mixgar reads their likesand changes the playlist accordingly.Why bar owners love it? Because it uses no extra hardware and streamssuper-fresh, licensed music and videos from the worlds biggest musicdatabase: YouTube. The outcome: happy bar owners and music the wholecommunity likes.Revenue: We charge bar owners but not the listeners. Big brands(Heineken) can sponsor it and Franchise networks can use it as a whitelabel solution.
  19. 19. Rok Hrastnik Tomaž Tomšič NeedleFoundWhy are you taking part in Mini Seedcamp Prague?Learn how to best grow an online analytics startup (traction VS revenue)and migrate to US; make connections with data providers (Google,Facebook etc.), potential clients (discuss analytics issues), media andinvestors; discuss development & infrastructure approaches for topscalability.Email info@needlefound.comWebsite http://www.needlefound.comTwitter @NeedleFoundFrom Ljubljana, SloveniaCompany DescriptionWe help you find the needle in your online data haystack, so that you donthave to do it by hand. Online analytics - automated.Our vision is to revolutionize the world of web analytics, turning thecurrent model of how data is served and analyzed on its head. In short, wewant to help businesses gain immediate insights into their key onlinebusiness drivers, instead of them having to spend hours upon hours to fightthrough dozens of report to identify what is happening with their onlinemarketing efforts and what they need to focus on.Our team has more than a decade of experience in building internationalecommerce businesses; developing advanced online ad serving andmeasurement solutions; and in establishing online analytics processes andtraining online analysts.
  20. 20. Rauno Rüngas Markko Karu QminderWhy are you taking part in Mini Seedcamp Prague?We want to take part in Seedcamp to make it big! We can execute, we haveclients - but to conquer the world Fast, we need some help. Differentmarkets, different needs - hard to keep the focus.Email info@qminderapp.comWebsite http://www.qminderapp.comTwitter @qminderFrom Tallinn, EstoniaCompany DescriptionQminder is a smartphone based queue elimination system! A smartphoneapp and a queue management service to reduce waiting times and improvecustomer service.Current queue management systems are static and costly. You need to beat location to get in line or your number and you are given none or too littleinformation on your time left to wait. All this builds up as frustration andconverts into customer dissatisfaction.Qminder solves these problems by giving the end-user the ability to booktimes beforehand, take their ticket wherever they are and remind themwhen their turn is up.Easy to set up and affordable web based dashboard and tablet "ticketcounter" for business customers with a subscription fee. The team behindit: 4 hackers, a hustler and a concept architect who is focusing on keeping itsimple and usable.Qminder - wait in line,without wasting your time!
  21. 21. Norbert Morawetz TeamMatchWhy are you taking part in Mini Seedcamp Prague?Excite others. Test ourselves. Talk potential.Email team@team-match.comWebsite @TeamMatcherFrom London, UKCompany DescriptionTeammatch is a webapplication that helps users form better teams andimprove teamwork with a combination of occupational psychology andmatchmaking technology.The All-girls team, the friends-stick-together team, the all-International-student team are staples of flawed group classroom activity. TeamMatchhelps groupleaders sort members into balanced teams, based onpsychometric testing.Matched participants receive a teamreport that introduces teammembers,and advises on how to work together effectively. This makes groupworkfairer, improves collaboration skills and increases group networking.Teammatching supports further, higher & executive education, distancelearning, assessment centres, as well as competition and conferenceorganisation.TeamMatch also allows organisations/companies to generate acomprehensive psychometric profile for a team to improve team spirit orscreen candidates e.g. in recruitment.Our freemium revenue model targets low volume (SMEs, HR departments,trainers) and high volume users (e.g. universities). The team has anexcellent skill mix and strong relevant experience in IT and academia.
  22. 22. phy.jpg Kieran Murphy TradersNowWhy are you taking part in Mini Seedcamp Prague?TradersNow personally knows a winner of Seedcamp and based on hisexperience, Seedcamp is now a MUST for us. We hope to make the rightconnections, gain credibility, discover how to locate our keyhires andobtain seed capital for R&D.Email kieran@TradersNow.comWebsite http://TradersNow.comTwitter @theQstrategyFrom Dublin, IrelandCompany DescriptionTradersNow are developing specialised software which predict markettrends in the financial trading markets.TradersNow are developing the worlds first algorithmic currency tradingstrategy that is based on the Fractal Market Hypothesis (FMH) and havecalled this strategy "The Q".There are thousands of financial trading houses worldwide whose traderslook for "the edge".TradersNow are developing "The Q" which gives traders a statisticaladvantage in predicting change in the markets. TradersNow haveexclusively licensed a trading algorithm from the Dublin Institute ofTechnology and are developing The Q trading strategy.TradersNow is rich in IP and has some key companies interested inlicensing The Q when the development is complete.Kieran Murphy, CEO of TradersNow has over 22 years experience in tradingthe financial markets and Professor Jonathan Blackledge, inventor of The Qalgorithm, is one of Europes leading mathematicians and academics in hisfield.
  23. 23. David Siska Jan Kolar UniversatorWhy are you taking part in Mini Seedcamp Prague?There is no secret that being on Seedcamp is good promo with possibility ofinvestment. However, we are not necessarily going for money and fame butfor ideas and personal experience to kick off Universator!Email team@universator.comWebsite http://www.universator.comTwitter @universatorcomFrom Brno, The Czech RepublicCompany DescriptionPROJECT: Universator makes picking up international studies a socialactivity by getting international students together and showing themprevious experience and other relevant data.PROBLEM Just in Europe, 5000 institutions of terciary education with tensof thousands of study programmes exist.SOLUTION: Aggregating important and relevant information(international ranking of schools, number of students and staff, aggregatedstudent reports from Erasmus, information about student organizations,living costs, etc.)Universator helps students with adapting to a new social environment byproviding a list of attending students and creating space for interaction.MONEY: International students are regular customers and as a middle manwe are going to charge for that (lead generation)TEAM: David Siska and me have been longterm partners and we have beencooperating for over 5 years (We have built a domain portfolio of 500domains that are being sold on our site
  24. 24. Goran Duškić Edi Budimilić WhoAPIWhy are you taking part in Mini Seedcamp Prague?We really like what happened with some startups after they attended theSeedcamp :) We are here for the experience, networking, fun, learn newtricks and maybe get some funding to start our startup.Email contact@whoapi.comWebsite http://whoapi.comTwitter @whoapiFrom Rijeka, CroatiaCompany DescriptionGet extensive domain data (structured whois, domain availability, spamblacklists check, server uptime) using our API in XML and JSON well-structured fields, easily parsed with php, .net, ruby and other programminglanguages.If hosting, domain brokerage, SEO, web development, online marketingcompanies require information about domains, servers, web sites, theyusually need the infrastructure, technology (know-how), time and money.But with our service, they just pay for querying our API. We charge for thequeries, which makes scaling their business much easier.Founders are best friends for 15 years. We became entrepreneurs asteenagers and co-founded a game development team Generation Stars 12years ago. 5 years ago we scraped 200$ each and founded a webdevelopment and hosting company GEM Studio which we just sold andmaking it our first exit.