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Ten Online Tools for Busy Nonprofit Leaders


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Do you wish you were “working smarter, not harder”? In this session we’ll demo ten free or low cost tools that will help you be more productive when doing day-to-day tasks. We will look at tools that will help you with activities such as tracking tasks, hosting virtual meetings, organizing notes, making quick videos and creating online forms, and more.

You don’t have to be a tech whiz to participate! This session is ideal for anyone who is looking to be more efficient in their work and wants to learn about the tools that are available. All the tools are very user-friendly and can be set up without IT expertise.

Presented at the Futures Conference by Jane Zhang and Tierney Smith, October 3 2013

Published in: Technology, Design
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Ten Online Tools for Busy Nonprofit Leaders

  2. 2. Is my org eligible? a) Does your business number end in RR0001? b) Do you have a Letters Patent from Industry Canada? c) Are you incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation with your province? d) Are you a library? You may be eligible to get donations of… DONATIONS PROGRAM
  3. 3. KEEP IN TOUCH @jzhang99 @tierneys @techsoupcanada
  4. 4. TOOLS THAT MAKE IT EASY TO… W O R K W I T H O T H E R S 1. Schedule meetings 2. Host online meetings 3. Get feedback on documents 4. Get input E N G A G E Y O U R S U P P O R T E R S 8. Stay social 9. Email large groups 10. Make quick videos S T AY S A N E & W O R K O N T H E G O 5. Track ideas 6. Track tasks 7. Track expenses
  5. 5. SCHEDULE MEETINGS Problem: • Every time you try to schedule a meeting you have to send 1,000 emails back and forth to find a time that works • More people in the meeting means more emails and more confusion
  6. 6. DOODLE
  7. 7. DOODLE S P E C S Cost: free Platforms: online Mobile: somewhat mobile-friendly website T H I N G S I T W I L L L E T Y O U D O • Suggest meeting times and find out when others are available • Let others see your calendar and book meetings with you
  8. 8. SCHEDULE MEETINGS Other ideas: • effortless-tools-for-meeting-and-scheduling.html
  9. 9. HOST ONLINE MEETINGS Problem: • You need to meet with people who aren’t physically close by • Travel is expensive and time consuming
  11. 11. GOTOMEETING S P E C S Cost: $46/year for qualified orgs rix/product/gotomeeting-1-year- subscription-access-to- discounted-rates Platforms: Windows, Mac (Note that Mac version has a few less features) Mobile: apps for iPhone and Android T H I N G S I T W I L L L E T Y O U D O • Host online meetings of 25 people • Invitees can join via phone or computer headset • Share your screen
  12. 12. HOST ONLINE MEETINGS Other ideas: • Skype (free, up to 10 people) • Google+ Hangout (free, up to 10 people, includes video calling) • TeamViewer (free for personal use, up to 25 people) • ReadyTalk (donated, up to 15 people) one-year-subscription
  13. 13. GET FEEDBACK ON DOCUMENTS Problem: • When you have a document you want feedback on, you email it to several people • They respond by editing and updating the version number, or by using Track Changes • You have to make sure all the changes get incorporated properly • Discussions about the document result in long, unwieldy email threads
  14. 14. GOOGLE DOCS
  15. 15. GOOGLE DOCS S P E C S Cost: free (paid if using Google Apps for Business) Platforms: online Mobile: app for Android, mobile-friendly viewing on all platforms, edit Docs on iPhone T H I N G S I T W I L L L E T Y O U D O • Multiple document editors at the same time • Have discussions threads in the comments • Go back to a previous version at any time
  16. 16. GET FEEDBACK ON DOCUMENTS Other ideas: • tierney/challenge-3-document-collaboration
  17. 17. GET INPUT Problem: • Getting input or information from others – whether inside or outside your organization – can be a manual process • E.g. maybe you ask people to email you feedback on a question – now you have a bunch of responses scattered across your emails
  18. 18. GOOGLE FORMS
  19. 19. GOOGLE FORMS S P E C S Cost: free (paid if using Google Apps for Business) Platforms: online Mobile: app for Android, mobile-friendly T H I N G S I T W I L L L E T Y O U D O • Quickly create a form with different types of questions • Submissions are automatically added to a Google Spreadsheet • Embed your form on a website
  20. 20. GET INPUT Other ideas: • Survey tools e.g. Survey Monkey • ne_survey_tools • Polling tools e.g. Poll Daddy •
  21. 21. TRACK IDEAS Problem: • You have all these great ideas and pieces of info and it’s all on pieces of paper or you forget • How to keep track of all this in an easy, organized way?
  22. 22. EVERNOTE
  23. 23. EVERNOTE S P E C S Cost: free (upgrade to get more space & collaboration features) Platforms: online, Windows, Mac Mobile: app available on all platforms T H I N G S I T W I L L L E T Y O U D O • Create text, picture and audio notes • Tag your notes to make it easy to find them • Access your notes from anywhere
  24. 24. TRACK IDEAS Other ideas: • Mindmapping is great if you are a visual person • apps/
  25. 25. TRACK TASKS Problem: • You have so many tasks to do that you forget about some of them and they slip through the cracks • You aren’t sure what your team is working on • You’re working with an outside consultant and aren’t sure what they are working on
  26. 26. TRELLO
  27. 27. TRELLO S P E C S Cost: free Platforms: online Mobile: app for Android and iPhone T H I N G S I T W I L L L E T Y O U D O • Make “cards” for each task • Organize cards into lists • Create a group board and assign tasks
  28. 28. TRACK TASKS Other ideas: • online-tools-for-improving-your-project-management-and- team-collaboration.html • Asana:
  29. 29. TRACK EXPENSES Problem: • Tracking and categorizing all your expenses is tedious and time-consuming • You don’t have an easy way to find out where you’re spending your money and how far along you are with your budget, without talking to your accountant • You track your expenses in a spreadsheet, which works but is unwieldy
  30. 30. MINT.COM
  31. 31. MINT.COM S P E C S Cost: free Platforms: online Mobile: app for Android, iPhone and iPad T H I N G S I T W I L L L E T Y O U D O • Connect to your credit card to pull in your transactions • Categorize your expenses • View graphs of your spending over time
  32. 32. TRACK EXPENSES Other ideas: • one_apps_that_can_help_track_your_expenses
  33. 33. STAY SOCIALLY CONNECTED ONLINE Problem: • You want to be social online, but it takes too much time • You are having difficulty staying on top of multiple social media accounts
  34. 34. HOOTSUITE
  35. 35. HOOTSUITE S P E C S Cost: free for up to 5 profiles Paid plans start at $9/month 20% discount for qualified charities Platforms: online Mobile: app available for iPhone, iPad & Android T H I N G S I T W I L L L E T Y O U D O • View feeds from all your accounts in one place • Schedule social media posts • Track how many people click on your links • Basic analytics
  36. 36. STAY SOCIALLY CONNECTED ONLINE Other ideas: • Tweetdeck – free and great for Twitter • Postling – small monthly cost, incorporates more channels than most tools • Buffer – free version, great for scheduling posts
  37. 37. EMAIL LARGE GROUPS Problem: • You want to send out a newsletter, or let your supporters know about a big announcement • If you send the email in Outlook, you can only send to so many people at a time • Also, you risk getting blacklisted as a spammer • Also, you have no idea whether anyone actually read your email
  38. 38. MAILCHIMP
  39. 39. MAILCHIMP S P E C S Cost: free for < 2,000 subscribers (above that, 15% discount for nonprofits) Platforms: online Mobile: app available for iPhone and Android T H I N G S I T W I L L L E T Y O U D O • Allow supporters to subscribe online • Create & send professional-looking emails • Find out how many people opened & clicked on your email
  40. 40. EMAIL LARGE GROUPS Other ideas: • tierney/challenge-1-newsletters
  41. 41. MAKE QUICK VIDEOS Problem: • You have some great pictures from your program or an event • You want to put them together into a short video, but you don’t have any video editing programs, or any experience
  42. 42. ANIMOTO
  43. 43. ANIMOTO S P E C S Cost: free ($3/month for longer videos & more features) Platforms: online Mobile: app for iPhone and Android T H I N G S I T W I L L L E T Y O U D O • Create short videos that combine photos and text • Choose music & style for your video
  44. 44. MAKE QUICK VIDEOS Other ideas: • ew_good_tools_video_editing • alternatives-free-video-editing-resources-to-get-the-job-done • Great video tutorials for nonprofits: • Smilebox (photo slideshows) -
  45. 45. ORGANIZATION SOFTWARE Software to consider for your organization: • Constituent Relationship Management (e.g. Sumac, Salesforce, CiviCRM) • Back office software (e.g. Google Apps, Office 365) • File sharing (e.g. Google Drive, Skydrive Pro, • Project management (e.g. Smartsheet, Asana, Basecamp, Trello)