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Story Telling Online


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Being able to effectively communicate your organizations "story" is imperative in an increasingly complex world. There are trillions of messages circulating out there. It's not like the good 'ole days, when you could just ask the town crier to make an announcement. Today a good storyteller has to be a multi-disciplined communicator – always ready to engage and respond to a variety of audiences and in a variety of mediums! Learn more about them and gain practical storytelling techniques in this dynamic workshop.

Speaker: Donnie Claudino

Published in: Technology
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Story Telling Online

  1. 1. Online Storytelling
  2. 2. Storytelling is as old as fire. Q1
  3. 3. My story:
  4. 4. Q2
  5. 5. Scene 1. The Audience
  6. 6. Who are your audience groups? Q3
  7. 7. What do you want them to do? Q4
  8. 8. How can you convince your audience to: • Make a donation? • Volunteer time? • Spread the word? • Take action?
  9. 9. Do you know your audience(s)?
  10. 10. I’m a potential volunteer. Do you know me?
  11. 11. .org .org .org me .org .org .org
  12. 12. .org .org .org me .org .org .org
  13. 13. Your story touched my heart!
  14. 14. “People won’t remember what you did, or what you said— but they will remember how you made them feel. ” - Charles Coffey, board member Ontario Trillium Foundation
  15. 15. How can you learn about your audience(s) and what they feel? Q5
  16. 16. Ask them.
  17. 17. Opportunities to learn about your audience(s): • Program evaluation • Annual fundraising efforts • Feedback surveys • Emails and phone calls
  18. 18. Online Storytelling Listening
  19. 19. Tech Impact Project
  20. 20. Scene 2. The Story
  21. 21. Does your story move your audience?
  22. 22. Ask yourself: 1. Is the story transformative? Does it have “heart-fire”? •Is there an emotional pull? •Are the challenges or issues clear? •Is it believable and honest?
  23. 23. Ask yourself: 2. Does it make you want 2. to do something? 2.Does it move you? •Is the story inspirational? •Is there a clear course of action? •How easy is it to take that action?
  24. 24. Ask yourself: 3. Can the story be repurposed? •Where else can you tell this story? •How can this story be repackaged?
  25. 25. Tech Impact Project Edited Videos Blog Case posts Studies Twitter CORE CONTENT: Testimonials links Raw Video & Transcripts
  26. 26. What is your story? Q6*
  27. 27. What do you want your audience to do?
  28. 28. Tell the story that encourages them to do it?
  29. 29. Scene 3. The Stage
  30. 30. A platform for your story.
  31. 31.
  32. 32. Oxfam Great Britain
  33. 33. March of Dimes – Every Baby Has a Story ?
  34. 34. SpinTO / Friends for Life ?
  35. 35. United Planet ?
  36. 36. Appalachian Mountain Club ?
  37. 37. ?
  38. 38. Resources: • • • The YouTube Nonprofit Program •
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