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Taking Events to the Next Level with Tech


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Do you plan conferences, fundraising events, workshops, or other program events at your nonprofit? Do you also have 1,000 other things on your plate?

For this session of Toronto Net Tuesday, Fanny Martin, an experienced event planner at Art of Festivals, and Ben Raffi, the CEO of Uniiverse, looked at how technology can improve your event and reduce your stress.

You can read a summary of this event on TechSoup Canada`s website:

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Taking Events to the Next Level with Tech

  1. 1. Toronto Net Tuesday 12th November 2013
  2. 2. Taking Events to the Next Level with Tech: How to Think Like an Event Manager Fanny Martin @artoffestivals Ben Raffi @benraffi
  3. 3. A. The Tech Shift
  4. 4. Event Pros Survey Results Q: In the past 10 years or so, what is the one single piece of software, equipment or technological tool at large that has radically changed the way you work? A: - Remote servers, cloud - Smart phones - Internet everywhere!
  5. 5. Q: How would you describe your attitude to technology? A:
  6. 6. Q: What’s your latest top tech discovery? A: - Square (process payments with phone) - RFID wristband (contactless info) - Log Me In (remote log in) - Yast (task timetracker) - Smartsheet (project management)
  7. 7. Q: When choosing a new tool to help with event or project management, what are the most THREE important criteria for you? A:
  8. 8. Q: In which instance(s) do you go low-tech and use pen and paper? A: Brainstorming, draft schedules, site sketches, meeting or interview notes, to-do lists, thank you notes.
  9. 9. B. Tech or No Tech?
  10. 10. What’s in an event? • Concept – Brand / USP • Content – Programming • Finance – Budgeting – Fundraising – Accounting • Sales & Marketing – Communication – Ticketing • Operations – Scheduling – Volunteers • Evaluation
  11. 11. Do you need tech? Net Tuesdays: Events and Technology Part B: Tech or No Tech? Hard Tech Concept Brand / USP Content Programming Finance Budgeting Fundraising Accounting Sales & Marketing Email marketing Social media Registration Ticketing Operations Scheduling Staff Volunteers Evaluation Outreach Feedback Impact Easy Tech November 12, 2013 No Tech / Lo-Tech
  12. 12. C. Selecting a new tech tool
  13. 13. Example: Volunteer Squared vs. Volgistics 1. Define features to compare 2. Establish comparison scale 3. Pick priority criteria • Special points: – Monthly vs. yearly pricing – Data transfer & set-up costs – Customer service
  14. 14. Live Demonstration: Ticketing Platforms EventBrite vs. MeetUp vs. Uniiverse 0. Assess your needs 1. Features to compare 2. Comparison scale 3. Priority criteria
  15. 15. Questions? Comments? • Fill the feedback card – ? = blog post suggestion – ! = feedback • Email: fanny@artoffestivals • Tweet: @artoffestivals @benraffi