Cloud 101 for Nonprofits


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  • Talk about donations program!Next webinar: mobile websites, date
  • Use cloud tools at work, have tried out lots moreAudience poll?
  • If you think the cloud is a “fluffy white thing”, that’s ok!! No need to feel bad, since you’re clearly not alone in being confused. Today we’re going to start from step 1 and bring you up to speed.
  • Even if you don’t use the cloud at work, chances are very high you’ve already used it in your personal life
  • My rough definition
  • Explain.Do simple google docs demo with group (get them to edit a demo doc)
  • The cloud is not a program or piece of software… it’s a way of getting software. Can have some programs in the cloud and some not.
  • Ask people to put their answers in the doc
  • Show all the different ways you could use the cloud. These are 5 common areas where people use itGoal: make connection between cloud and what you doDiscuss: you don't need to suddenly be in "the cloud" - can just try one or two non-core apps
  • Bhutan Canada foundation using Google Docs to share board docs. It’s just a tool – you can use it for anything. Note that it is about the process – training, keeping it going – as much as the tool.
  • Worked with Switch Video using Basecamp, Google Docs & other cloud toolsAllowed us to work well without having to be in the same location
  • Talk through each one
  • Explain the difference
  • These are just two approaches – of course there are other options.Depends on how long you keep itPoint is: MS Exchange is up front costDoesn’t include admin/IT time. This depends on whether you have it internally, externally or not at all
  • Availability -> downtime, but also your internet access
  • Note that just because you can’t use cloud for certain kinds of data doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it at all. E.g. could still use skype for calls
  • Not that different from adopting any other softwareEvery cloud tool is different, so how to get started with it will be different.E.g. CRM requires much more planning than a communications tool like Skype
  • Cloud 101 for Nonprofits

    1. 1. CLOUD 101Tierney SmithTechSoup Canada
    2. 2. ABOUT TECHSOUP CANADARegister for donations program:
    3. 3. ABOUT ME Software engineer Nonprofit technology blogger Community manager @tierneys @techsoupcanada
    4. 4. AGENDA What is the cloud? How is it relevant to your nonprofit? What does it cost? Advantages & risks of the cloud How do you get started?
    5. 5. WHAT IS THE CLOUD?
    6. 6. CLOUD CONFUSIONOne in five Americans (22 percent)admit that they’ve pretended to know When asked what “thewhat the cloud is or how it works. cloud” is, a majority responded it’s either an actual cloud (specifically a “fluffy white thing”), the sky or something related to the weather (29 percent). Working from home in their “birthday suit” is the cloud’s greatest advantage.Source:
    7. 7. YOU ALREADY USE THE CLOUD! A majority of Americans (54 percent) claim to never use cloud computing. However, 95 percent of this group actually does use the cloud. Online banking Online shopping Social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Online games Storing photos online Online file sharing
    8. 8. Scalable services you access through the Internet
    9. 9. Microsoft Word Not Cloud Google DocsCloud
    10. 10. OTHER CLOUD APPS YOU MIGHT HAVE HEARDOF… Gmail  Twitter Facebook  Dropbox Microsoft Office 365  Prezi Salesforce  Survey Monkey Vertical Response  MailChimp
    11. 11. 3 TYPES OF CLOUD Software-as-a- Service Platform-as-a- Software you access Service through the Internet Online environment for e.g. Gmail, Salesforce, building software Survey Monkey e.g., Microsoft Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service Servers and storage in the cloud e.g. Amazon Web Services
    12. 12. WHAT ABOUT YOU? Based on this description, what cloud tools are you already using?
    13. 13. CLOUD + NONPROFITS
    14. 14. ARE NONPROFITS USING THE CLOUD? 93% of Canadian nonprofits use at least one cloud app On average, nonprofits worldwide use 3-4 types of cloud apps More: survey-results
    15. 15. MORE CLOUD APPS Twitter Google Apps Facebook Office Zoho Email & office productivity Social networking Your Salesforce nonprofit CRM CiviCRM CommunicationSkype File sharingGoToMeeting ReadyTalk Google Skydrive Drive Dropbox
    17. 17. EVEN MORE WAYS TO USE THE CLOUD Mass Emails/ E-  Basic Websites Newsletters  Weebly  MailChimp, Vertical Response, Constant  Event Registration Contact  Eventbrite, Guestlist Project Management  Survey/voting tools  Basecamp,  Doodle, PollDaddy, Smartsheet, Podio Survey Monkey
    18. 18. FOR EXAMPLE…WORKING WITH A CONSULTANTRead more on Basecamp: esday/project_management
    19. 19. HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT FROM WHAT I DO NOW?The cloud is particularly good for: Sharing  Everyone shares one version of a doc Collaborating  Makes it easier to work together with others Remote working  Work from anywhere (with Internet) Scaling  Add/remove more people/space on the go
    21. 21. BUY VS. RENT
    22. 22. EXAMPLE: EMAIL Server-based: Microsoft Exchange (via TechSoup Canada)  Cost of server: varies  Windows Server + CALs: $55 + $3/person  Exchange Server Standard + CALs: $44 + $5/person  Microsoft Outlook: $6/person  Security, spam filtering: varies  Upgrade every 3-5 years Cloud-based: Google Apps  $50/person/year  Also includes calendar, docs
    24. 24. EVEN MORE ADVANTAGES Backup Security Very little administration required
    25. 25. RISK: LOSING CONTROL OF…FeaturesCostBackupsSecurityDataAvailability
    26. 26. A WORD ABOUT PRIVACY In almost all cases there is no law against using cloud computing Up to you to read the Terms of Service You are responsible for your data at the end of the day Avoid using cloud/be extra careful for political or extremely sensitive data e.g. political activists, women’s shelters Find out more:
    28. 28. EXPERIMENT Pick a low-risk area Many tools are free or have free 30-day trial Try it out! Learn! Have fun! Credit: jimmiehomeschoolmom
    29. 29. ASSESS & PLAN1. Assess your nonprofit’s technology & determine priorities  Tech self-assessment: ssment2. Set goals3. Research & try out options  Jane vs. Tierney (  Platformation (  Idealware (
    30. 30. QUESTIONS?
    31. 31. RESOURCESFurther reading:Information about the cloud & case studies: Cloud tool reviews:
    32. 32. DONATION PROGRAM INFOList of products:Getting started: Microsoft donations information:
    33. 33. CONTACT INFOTierney Smith, Community Manager @tierneysTechSoup Canada @techsoupcanada