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The Family Challenge - The Issues & Benefits of Running a Staffing Firm with People You Love


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Moderator: Gary Zander, CEO, Project One, Inc.

Panel Members:

Mary Pat Knight, CEO & Founder, Leaders Inspired
Sean Manley, COO, On-Demand Group & DiversifyIT
Troy Roberts, President, Alliance of Professionals & Consultants
Mickey Doherty, Director, Business Development, Dahl Consulting
Debbie Banko – CEO, Link Technologies
Sheenoo Sekhon, VP, Human Resources, RGSBI

An unusually high percentage of staffing firms are family run – husband and wife, parents and children, brothers and sisters, cousins and more. Many family businesses avoid the hard discussions that need to happen, hoping for the best.

Led by a family business consultant, this panel discussion will bring together a diverse set of family-run business executives to discuss the unique set of benefits and challenges with running a family business. The issues are too important to ignore. A must attend session for those in business with people they love.

Topics will include:

1. Managing family members v. non-family members
2. Multi-generation family members in the business
3. Separating business from personal life
4. Impact of family members NOT in the business
5. Succession planning
6. Attracting, hiring, motivating non-family members
7. Buy/sell and other legal agreements with family members

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The Family Challenge - The Issues & Benefits of Running a Staffing Firm with People You Love

  1. 1. Optimize Team Performance Skill BuildingSelf Awareness Family Dynamics and Culture
  2. 2. Manage Your Triggers Tip One:
  3. 3. Navigate the Behavior Traps Tip Two:
  4. 4. Tip Three:
  5. 5. Business Expert Mary Pat Knight Leaders Inspired 847-571-1160 Panel Host Gary S. Zander Project One, Inc.
  6. 6. Your Panelists • Sean Manley (COO, On-Demand Group) • Mickey Doherty (Director-Business Development, Dahl Consulting) • Sheenoo Sekhon (VP, Human Resources, RGBSI) • Troy Roberts (President, APC) • Debbie Banko (CEO, Link Technologies) • Gary S. Zander (President, Project One, Inc.) • Mary Pat Knight (CEO, Leaders Inspired)