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Search Engine Optimization and Social Media for Real Estate


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Social Media and SEO tips and tricks that real estate agents and small business owners can actually execute are hard to find. That is why I built this blueprint to the 5 must use social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Foursquare.

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Search Engine Optimization and Social Media for Real Estate

  1. 1. How to Make SEO and Social Media Work (and work for YOU) Sponsored by: Chris Smith Chief Evangelist Inman News
  2. 2. 3 Chapters TodaySocial Media Strategies and goals help a lotSEO Execute what you canCrossover Not exactly PB & J but getting there
  3. 3. Social Media MarketingDefine your audience and establish where you will focus
  4. 4. At Least Where I Would Be... The And Economy...
  5. 5. Facebook Strategies
  6. 6. Forget Pages Work ProfileOnly 12% Update Profile DailyAvg User 130 Friends - Import ContactsPush vs Pull - Writing On WallsHallways vs Private OfficesFishing For Targeted Leads - Posts By EveryoneMessages - Open Rates Are BetterStart A Group Pages Are Failing
  7. 7. Twitter Is Stupid...Geo Location Is Second To for keywordsResearch HashtagsUse Klout Metrics and ColumnsHootsuite Helps A LOT
  8. 8. YouTubeHost videos there serve them on your site via embedKeywords really matter in title and descriptionURL placement in description is hugeUse related categories and tags of popular videosLayover domain name onto video
  9. 9. LinkedIn5 Recommendations MinimumPromote Your Profile On Your Site w Custom BadgeThe New BBB Matter Here As Well
  10. 10. FoursquareStarts doesn’t end with check inVirtual Bread CrumbsYour Brand surfaces dailyThe Corcoran Group 3,000 eyes a month?
  11. 11. SEO - Search Engine Optimization - Google Keyword Tool
  12. 12. Link Building Is Really A Secret SauceGoogle Alerts, Breaking Down IDX, Linking Within Keywords
  13. 13. Properly Tagging Images Matters Filename and ALT text
  14. 14. Content Management System
  15. 15. Crossover Opportunities Facebook Notes Tab - RSS Blogroll Facebook Page Names and URL’s Change Link Text In Updates Google +1 could be huge
  16. 16. Visual Cues Via Google+
  17. 17. Why Have SM Profiles Everywhere? Google Search: Elisa Dewees Online Reputation Management Through SEO and Social
  18. 18. Want to know more? Contact us today. 888.401.4067