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How to run your brokerage like a start-up


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How to run your real estate company like a technology start-up.

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How to run your brokerage like a start-up

  1. 1. Curaytor How to run your brokerage like a start-up
  2. 2. #BetterBroker
  3. 3. Ventures I have recently “started” up online.
  4. 4. Better Funded and Inauthentic, Loses Lean startups must often defeat established competitors which are better funded and have established customer bases. Superior products, economically delivered to an appropriate target market are effective weapons against such incumbents. #BetterBroker
  5. 5. Experts Are Wrong Lean startups often need to ignore the wisdom of industry experts. In many cases, an expert’s legacy knowledge makes it difficult for them to accurately assess an innovative technology’s potential impact. #BetterBroker
  6. 6. Realize People Use the Web Differently Than You Work hard to close the information gap and people will love you for it. Test for interaction and simplicity before adding design. #BetterBroker
  7. 7. Get Out Of The Building You can’t learn what customers want simply by sitting behind your desk. You must “get out of the building” and talk to your customers, and your customers’ customers. #BetterBroker
  8. 8. Fast and Economical Lean startups must rapidly and cheaply develop minimally viable products and quickly assess the merit of their underlying value propositions. #BetterBroker
  9. 9. Minimum Viable Product The goal of an MVP is to test fundamental business hypothesis (or leap-of-faith assumptions) and to help entrepreneurs begin the learning process as quickly as possible. #BetterBroker
  10. 10. Ship You can’t judge what you do not deliver to consumer. Indecision is often the worst decision. #BetterBroker
  11. 11. A/B Testing Different versions of a product are offered to customers at the same time. The goal of a split test is to observe changes in behavior between the two groups and to measure the impact of each version on an actionable metric. #BetterBroker
  12. 12. Enable Simple Questions Be Asked Obsess about user feedback. Use social, surveys and software to get smarter AND make changes. #BetterBroker
  13. 13. Pivot The points where you decide to continue or rejig the offer (but keep some core fundamentals).Too many businesses stay wedded to old decisions and poor assumptions. #BetterBroker
  14. 14. Buzz Lean startups must leverage free promotion, as they seldom have adequate capital to outspend their competitors and cut through the ever-present market “noise.” #BetterBroker
  15. 15. Great book for restarting the way you operate.
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