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Facebook Training for Realtors


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Facebook changes everything! What does that mean for social media marketers? A lot! Full video here

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Facebook Training for Realtors

  1. 1. <ul><li>They just changed everything! </li></ul>Share this on Facebook while waiting: Live webinar on all of the Facebook changes starting now only a few seats left hop on
  2. 2. #FBChanges Just Changed Everything Hosted by: @ChadHyams Presented by: Jimmy Mackin Chris Smith
  3. 3. Share Your Story Content That Matters Complete Control
  4. 4. Content That Matters
  5. 5. Content Matters More Than Ever So Does Email [email_address]
  6. 6. Complete Control
  7. 7. Share Your Story
  8. 12. Live Q and A 3 Free InmanNext Webinars Announced: Facebook, Twitter and Blogging Go to for an invite - Austin, Boston, Tampa and Boise - New York City Last Day To Save is September 30th Facebook Business Page Express Review #FBChanges Visit: For The Conversion Tab Email: Jimmy@The