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Broker Technology Showcase


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Check out the latest technology for real estate brokers. Full video and webinar can be found here:

Published in: Real Estate
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Broker Technology Showcase

  1. 1. presented by: @Chris_Smth #BrokerTech
  2. 2. 10 Beta Brokerage Spots for Open Home Pro!
  3. 3. Email and Calendar: Google Apps for Business
  4. 4. Internal Communication:
  5. 5. Phone and SMS Systems: BetterVoice
  6. 6. Project Management: Basecamp
  7. 7. Transaction Management: dotloop
  8. 8. Email Marketing: Happy Grasshopper
  9. 9. Email Marketing: Happy Grasshopper
  10. 10. Customer Reviews and Surveys: Real Satisfied
  11. 11. Virtual Tours 3.0: Matterport
  12. 12. BONUS TIP: Targeted Recruiting Facebook Ads
  13. 13. Open Home Pro™ Visitor Experience Potential buyers sign into an open house via the app Visitors answer questions such as: • “Are you working with an agent?” • “Have you been pre-approved for a loan?” • “How did you hear about this open house?” Open house follow-up is then automated for the agent via email
  14. 14. The Three R’s of OHP for Brokers • Recruit – top quality agents with best in class technology • ROI – gain true understanding of open house efficacy and marketing spend • Revenue – with mortgage leads, more buyers and faster closes
  15. 15. 10 Beta Brokerage Spots for Open Home Pro!