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Proposal Shima

  1. 1. Sultan Qaboos University College of Education ILT Department E-Tests FOR IT's Students Produced by: Shaimaa Al-Dheeb ID: 59225 Submitted to: Dr. Alaa Sadik 1
  2. 2. :Project title IT electronic tests for 9th Grade. :Overview The propose of my project is to facilitate evaluation process. It is about .online tests for each unit of grade 9 I choice this subject because online tests promote self-evaluation and reflective thinking. By other words ,students can evaluate themselves and parents have chance to know what their children's level. On the other sides ,teachers can saves a time and prevents cheese between students and it is more fast and easy from paper tests. Moreover ,online test has many :advantages like Ease of preparation of questions ,task and cost because it ** . electronic Flexibility of the application at any time, any place, the diversity ** .of questions .Speed feedback and diversity Of it ** .The objectivity and Privacy in the correct process ** On the other hand,, in my web page there will be a forum to allow student discuss about the electronic tests with instructor or between student and other students . Also , there will a useful link to another site which have . benefit subjects which related to content of IT book This project builds students responsibility of their own learning and push students to evaluate themselves, and develop, modify their skills about .using computer :Project outcomes Increase the confidence of students because they can test themselves - . after studding Increase awareness of teachers because they know if the students learn - .and get a benefits from the lesson or no .Aadvancement of continue evaluation - .Developing using of technology - - Students have great chance to expanding their knowledge. 2
  3. 3. :Need analysis :From my observation .Teaching of IT need to promote it and employment of technique Also, I conducted interviews with grade 9th IT teacher. She strongly .agreed that the e-tests is very benefits and develop the evaluation process : actual statue* Most test do not done by correct way .I choice this project because lack of using technology and I observe most students and teachers are confuse with paper test. E-test is a very benefit for all (teacher ,students and .(parents :Desired statue*  To make evaluation process more flexibility.  Provide e-test to allow test anywhere or anytime.-  Demonstrate all tests of each unites of grade 9.  Reduce time and effort.  Increase awareness of using technology.  Increase the confidence of students because they can test themselves after studding .  Solves any problems comes that prevent students come to school like diseases, so e-test can be use in homes.  Reduce economic cost.  Aadvancement of continue evaluation.  They want to found site which have great information for them to expanding their knowledge. :Desired statue* : actual statue* To make - Most tests do not evaluation .done by correct way process more .Flexibility :Gab Most tests do not done by correct way and do not use by .(New way(technology way new 3
  4. 4. Need = Desired Status – Actual Status Reasons of the problem: I figure out of this problems by observations and interviews. I founds some complaints from each one: - Teachers who wants to reduce time ,effort and costs. - Students who wants to evaluate themselves any times and anywhere and improve their using of technology. - Parents who wants to know what a level of their children have. Suggested Solutions: In order to fill the gap and achieve the desired status, which will consequently contribute in achieving one of the main objectives of IT curricula, , I have suggested the coming solutions:  Making online test for each unit of grade 9.  Students should have motivated towards learning and using technology.  Improve student's use of technology to achieve progress society.  Provide to students a useful web sites which related to the content's IT book to expanding their knowledge.  Provide the forum in my web page for students to allow students discuss about any things in their education. This will be interesting because students can exchange their information between each other. The Implemented Solution: From the listed suggestions the adopted solution are Making online tests for each unit of grade 9 and Provide to students a useful web sites which related to the content's IT book. There are many reasons for adopting this solution: • The exams and links will be delivered online by the internet for the following advantages (ACTIONS model): o Accessibility: students can easily reached online by connection the internet whether in school laps or from any where there is internet. The useful links for site is provided in my web page and it is easy to access .Tests will be operating in any operating system. Also, forum is allow students access and exchange their information between each other. 4
  5. 5. o Costs: it costs nothing for the production and delivery. o Teaching and Learning: the constructivism approach can be adapted when using the internet as delivery mediums. because Students are self-ruling in do assessment or practice, getting the information and building knowledge. The learning process is self-paced, which promotes self- confidence. o Interactivity and User-friendliness: students can interact with the webpage through see and open the career links or evaluate themselves by do the online tests and there will be some attractive medium like pictures, sounds and animations. The web page design is user-friendly and has clear navigation system. o Organizational Issues: it is by the internet and it is friendly with both students and teachers. So, that there will not be needs for altering or adding things . o Novelty: the idea of making online test in the curriculum is new. o Speed: the tests can be distributed quickly from the internet. Instructional goal analysis: ** Instructional goals: Facilitate evaluation process and make it more flexibility. **Instructional objectives: • Advancement of continue evaluation. • Developing using of technology to achieve progress society. • Making online test for each unit of grade 9. • Solves problems when students can't come to school for any reasons so, they can test themselves from my e-tests and she/he results automatically receives to their teacher . • Promote self-evaluation and reflective thinking. • Students can exchange their information between each other through forum. 5
  6. 6. • Availability of the testing methods throughout the day and every day of the week (24 hours a day, 7 days a week. • To allow learners evaluate themselves. • Reduce time and effort. • Increase student's motivate towards learning and using technology. • Gives to the students chance to expanding their knowledge from inserts to other sites which included in my project. Instructional Analysis: Online test of 9th grade Online test for each links for related unit subject unit1 unit2 unit3 unit4 unit5 unit6 prerequisites Turn on Using the Using the Connect to computers keyboard mouse internet : Procedures I design webpage to provide multimedia about subjects in grade 9 and it . is will be link to allow students make self assessment .I use class maker program to provides tests for each units of grade 9 .I provides guidance for how to apply tests Learners and Context Analysis: • Target Population: o 9th grade students at second cycle basic education schools. • Learners Analysis: o Data Source:  Observation. 6
  7. 7.  Questionnaire: it is online survey and it link is sid=p7p72u55isnxo2o689048 see (Appendex1).  Interviews Appendex2) Learners Characteristics: Motivation: Students have positive motivation to know more about online tests and how it operation .Also, like to know more questions that related to their curriculum because my project provide for them a bank of questions. They want to found site which have great information for them to expanding their knowledge. Also, students motivation toward using technology Entry behaviors: Learners have motivation and positive attitude toward using technology. Learners have the basic IT skills in computers .i.e. turning the computer ON/OFF, typing, using the mouse, running software and closing it.Access to internet because they have been taught IT for 5 years at least access to the internet. Prior knowledge of topic area: • Students don’t fell comfortable with traditional assessment (paper and pen). • Some students are need more practice and tutorials which I provide in my web page . • Most students can't get great benefit from the book. Attitudes towards content and potential delivery system: • Learners trust that the online self assessment will increase their confident . • Learners prefer using new technique (doing the online test) . • Learners trust that variety of questions will force their understanding. 7
  8. 8. • Learners insure that the tutorials will increase their achievement . • Learners like to interact and relate with their colleagues through forum. Academic motivation : • Attention: 9th grade students attention can be grabbed by using appealing design colors and pictures. They don't like to see a screen crowded with text, which encourages the project designer to reduce the amount of text used and displayed in the screen. • Relevance: to relate the electronic tests to students' life, the pictures are used to point up the subject have to be something the students have seen or used. • Confidence: students are encouraged their confidence when test themselves and feel responsibility about their learning. • Satisfaction: when students find the indeed sites it gives more practice for them and the online tests will be approve their understanding when they got high score ,then they will be satisfied of these. They can found bank of questions to practice their understanding of IT curriculum. So when they achieve what they need, they will be satisfied. Attitudes towards training organization: From my opinion I belief that the students will be get benefits from my project. In fact, students' benefit is a main target for me. Educational and ability levels: Educational Level: • 9th grade students at second circle basic education school Ability Level: • Since the target population is very large, they vary in their abilities in mastering the content by making online test. They already have or can acquire basic IT skills needed . General learning preferences: • Students prefer to have online test than traditional test. • They prefer having tutorial to present the content. 8
  9. 9. Group characteristics: • Heterogeneity; in learning styles and achievements' level • Homogeneity; in educational level . • Gender; Males and Females Age: 14 years or above Context Analysis of Performance Setting: Description Managerial or supervisor support: • IT teachers will be supporting students when facing any difficulties with the program. Physical aspects of the site: Basic education schools have computer labs Learning Resources Centers and, so students are provided with the computers needed and it provided the internet . In addition, most students have already gotten computers at their homes. Social aspects of the site: • Gender: Males & Females • Race: various race levels because the number of the target population is so large • Economic: various race levels because the number of the target population is so large • Cultural: Most of them are Omanis, but there are some other Arab cultures in the target audience Relevance: • The program is strongly related to students life since they interact daily with technology, buy technological devices and software and use them. • Using the online tests make students able to develop better understanding . • Using the online tests make the teachers comfortable because they observe their students by seeing the score of them and they can test them any time from different time and different place . It will be reduce their effort . 9
  10. 10. Context Analysis of Learning Environment Description Environment: .Schools :Number/nature of sites • Number: it is for any students in grade 9 • Equipment: computers and internet • Resource: This project needs: o Books and websites . o Technical support o Computer for developing the tests and tutorial. o High speed internet . Distributed points: Schools and it will be in internet. • Constraints o Technical constraints; this project requires high speed internet fordoing tests. o Searching of tutorial refer to the books is need very time consuming. o Making theoretical tests for some unit is very hard because it is more practical. :Site Compatibility with instructional needs • Instructional Strategy: Personalizing the learning experience through making the delivery individualized and giving learners control over the content. Students in grade 9 can and prefer to take the responsibility over courses support materials. Teachers should encourage the students to make online test . • Delivery Approaches: This program (online test) will be mainly distributed on the internet to the students to make it accessible any time/anywhere with requiring advance skills for installation and usage. 10
  11. 11. • Time The usage of the program doesn't stick to specific dates nor time. It's a lifelong project and students can use it any time they need. They can add their own terms to make more comprehensive and build their own database, so they can keep it as reference for the future. • Personnel It is self-paced and it doesn't any trainers for the delivery. Teachers will need only guide the students and encourage them to use and engage with .online test :Site compatibility with learner needs • Location: The instructional process doesn't stick to a specific place because it is self-paced. Students or teachers can use computer labs at schools or at home, since most of them have computers at home. • Conveniences: Students who take online test and teachers who observe their students have choice to doing they anywhere or anytime they prefer. • Equipment: All what is required is a computer and internet, In addition, many students have computers at their home, so I can assure that students have .the needed equipment 11
  12. 12. References: i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. ‫الموقع العربي لتعليم مايكروسوفت اكسس‬ vii. ‫منتدى الكمبيوتر والنترنت‬ viii. ‫منتدى الفيجوال بيسك‬ ix. ‫منتديات موقع إسأل الكمبيوتر‬ 12
  13. 13. Instructional Strategy: Theory Behaviorism, because students have the control over the content and they are enabled to take online test about each unit in grade 9. Teacher/student It is student-centered, because it is self-paced centered and the learner is taking control over his/her own learning process Interactivity Students can interact with the content through online test and tutorial Content Sequence The online test and tutorial will be organized in unit order to make the displaying and understanding more easier. Media Selection I decided to develop online test and distribute it through the internet for the reasons: • Cost: it only costs • Accessibility: online test can be easy to connect in it web page and can be work/open in any kinds of operating systems • Social and Political Suitability: students are familiar access internet. • Flexibility: online test can be easy to connect in it web page anywhere and anytime. • Effectiveness: because students can find the term they want quickly in the program. They can also choice which unit will be answer of it questions. 13
  14. 14. Design: Students will be engage the web page for online test or tutorial through the internet. In addition, I giving the user instructions to help them how to insert and take online test and response to it and is easy to use. Storyboarding: See appendix 3 Development: • First, facilitates requirement for my project: o From ILT department I needed IT book for 9th Grade. o I needed advice from my doctor who is adviser of my project. o I needed advices from teachers of IT who teach 9th Grade because she have more experience in education major. o Also, I needed advice from doctor who is in measurement and evaluation department to correct the way of my questions. • I asked some teachers about the nature of the exams in the schools. • Saw the content of the ILT book to identify which assessment or evaluation is suitable. • In fact, my cosine Muna Al-Dheeb who is adviser in ILT department in Ministry of Education in Salalah supported and encouraged me to make electronic test for students. • In the beginning I thought to make electronic test in aomputer based but D.r Alaa Sadik told me the online will be more benefit so I decided to make online test. • Then ,I saw the book of ILT for grade 9 is appropriates to make online test . • The units of grade 9 are o First unit called "what are computers?" o Second unit called "Open Source Operating System & Free Software" o Third unit called "concepts of networks" o Forth unit called "MS Access o Fifth unit called "MS-Project" o Sixth unit called "MS-Visual" 14
  15. 15. • I made questionnaire for students and I made it by online survey also, I made some interviews with the teachers who teach IT for grade9 to approve the needed of e-tests. • Later , I gathered information to provided the questions and answers of it and make tests for each unit in grade 9. • I found problem when I made tests because the ILT is more practical than theory but I tried to translated it to got the theory questions from ILT book for grade 9. • D.r Alaa Sadik shared me the class marker program to insert the tests into and make it online. • He told me about how to use class marker program. • Registered in D.r Alaa website as instructor. • Tried how to use class marker to make online tests. • Choose my class and my tests. • Made tests for each unit and each test include many questions form like multiple choice , true/false and essay. • Showed to teacher Safa in aum saad al ansaria school the one example of test to approve the way of the test. • Also , I got benefit from the evaluation and measurement course which I take it last semester because, I know how to write the test to met the objective of course. • I used a dope Photoshop to design the background of the my web page. • Also, I use HTML to design my web page. • My web page is contains many things which I see is benefit for learners for example: o Link to site of online test. o Forum to allow learners discuss about online test and all things related to them education. o Link to web site which contains all things about computer and it components. o Link to a useful web site took about the operating systems of the computer. o Link to networks web site which include the information about computer's network. o Link to a wonderful site which has every things about MS- Access and how to learn and use it . o Link to interesting site took about Visual Basic program and how to use it by simple way with pictures to facilitate learner's understand. • Then, connected my students to my online class . 15
  16. 16. • Finally, designed the web page with picture and animation. :Time table Time Topic Week2 to week4 Select topic Week 5 until week6 Write overview about my topic Week7 to 10 Write exams of ILT book for grade 9 Week 10 to 11 Design the project web page Week 12 to 13 Complete the document Week 14 Submission of my project Week 15 Discussion with doctors Evaluation: :Formative Evaluation This project has been revised by experts in ILT Department. Ones is an employee at the ministry of education. After viewing the project, she suggested me to give all students the link to access the tests in all school . Students Reaction: Used Tool: Questionnaire : it is online survey and it divided into tow group of questionnaires the link for first group is And the link for next group is sid=zdb2akj8nb530h2689054 See (Appendix 4). Students reactions were gathered. 16
  17. 17. The students like the online test because it more flexible to allow student take the test any time they need it and can take any where to evaluate them selves. Tools for Summative Evaluation: For implanting the project at Basic Education Schools in the Sultanate, I have designed a questionnaire to be used for evaluation. Note: I haven't reach the level of real implementation in different schools, but I have designed the instrument that will be used for the evaluation purpose. Challenges and Constraints:  First, decided to make test in computer based and I had trail the quiz maker program to use it ,but after I changed that to make online test.  In the beginning , I confused about the subject of IT book because as I mention before the IT book is more practical than theoretical . • Technical challenges: o Internet connection was bad when I want to upload the tests it was disconnect always. 17
  18. 18. ‫‪Appendixes‬‬ ‫?‪Appendix 1:‬‬ ‫840986‪sid=p7p72u55isnxo2o‬‬ ‫بسم ال الرحمن الرحيم‬ ‫..عزيزي الطالب/عزيزتي الطالبة‬ ‫سعيا نحو تطوير منهج "تقنية المعلومات" للصف التاسع الساسي،وتطوير عملية‬ ‫التقويم فإننا نعمل لتوفير امتحانات الكترونية متصلة بشبكة النترنت ومختصة‬ ‫بالوحدات الواردة في الكتاب المدرسي. فنرجوا منكم التكرم والجابة على السئلة‬ ‫التالية بصدق وشفافية، علما بأن كافة المعلومات ستكون سرية، وسيتم استخدامها‬ ‫.لغراض البحث العلمي فقط‬ ‫ل أوافق‬ ‫ل‬ ‫أوافق‬ ‫أوافق‬ ‫العبارة‬ ‫بشدة‬ ‫أوافق‬ ‫بشدة‬ ‫1.لدي المهارات الساسية في التعامل مع الحاسوب )تشغيل‬ ‫الحاسوب، الطباعة، استخدام الفأرة...الخ(‬ ‫2.أستطيع الدخول عبر النترنت والتسجيل فيه.‬ ‫3.أواجه صعوبة في وقت المتحانات عندما يواجهني ظرف ما.‬ ‫4.أواجه صعوبة عند أداء المتحان وينتابني القلق.‬ ‫5.أح ّذ أن يكون المتحان عبر الحاسوب.‬ ‫ب‬ ‫6.أف ّل أن يوفر المعلم موقعا الكترونيا يمكننا من أداء‬ ‫ض‬ ‫المتحانات عبر النترنت .‬ ‫7.أف ّل ان أجد مواقع لها علقة بالكتاب المدرسي بحيث‬ ‫ض‬ ‫استزيد علما منها.‬ ‫81‬
  19. 19. ‫8.أثق في قدرتي على المشاركة في مجموعات النقاش المتاحة‬ ‫على النترنت‬ :Appendix 2 Interview 1. From your experience in teaching 9th grade IT curriculum, do you agree that students need to change their evaluation? 2. From your opinion ,what are the reasons standing behind this problem? 3. From your opinion what are the solutions would you suggest to solve this problem? 19
  20. 20. Appendix 3 "''Storyboard .This is a main page of the web page 20
  21. 21. And this is complete of page 21
  22. 22. After when you press on link of the electronic tests :this site will appear 22
  23. 23. So, the learners can insert their username and password that the instructor gives to them to login in the e-class to take online tests which about their IT book and when they login, the online tests about 23
  24. 24. different units in IT book will display like this :window When you click to any unit to take online tests this :widow will appear 24
  25. 25. :Then, when you click start this widow display 25
  26. 26. ,, And all tests will be do in this way When students finish their tests their result will :automatically receives to teacher like this window 26
  27. 27. Students results 27
  28. 28. On the other hand , webpage is include another links :like forum In addition , the web page include more links about ..useful sites which related to IT book for grade9 Appendix 4 28
  29. 29. ‫بسم ا الرحمن الرحيم‬ ‫عزيزي الطالب/عزيزتي الطالبة..‬ ‫سعيا نحو تطوير الموقع وعملية التقويم ، ورفع كفاءتهما بما يناسب‬ ‫احتياجات وقدرات الطلب وإيمانا منا بأهمية رأي الطالب ، فإننا نرجو‬ ‫منكم التكرم والجابة على السئلة التالية بصدق وشفافية، علما بأن‬ ‫كافة المعلومات ستكون سرية، وسيتم استخدامها لغراض البحث‬ ‫العلمي فقط.‬ ‫أسئلة تتعلق بالموقع:‬ ‫940986‪‬‬ ‫ل أوافق‬ ‫ل‬ ‫أوافق‬ ‫أوافق‬ ‫العبارة‬ ‫بشدة‬ ‫أوافق‬ ‫بشدة‬ ‫1.جعلني الموقع أكثر اعتمادا على نفسي في التعلم‬ ‫2.تطورت مهارتي في استخدام الحاسوب .‬ ‫3.وجدت في الموقع ما احتجته من معلومات‬ ‫4.شجعني الموقع من خلل المنتدى على تبادل المعلومات مع‬ ‫زملئي‬ ‫5.اللغة المستخدمة في البرنامج واضحة ومفهومة‬ ‫٦. يمكنني إعداد بحث علمي جيد باستخدام مصادر المعلومات‬ ‫على النترنت‬ ‫٧. ل أجد صعوبة في التجول داخل صفحات الموقع للوصول إلى‬ ‫المعلومة التي أريدها‬ ‫٨. المنتدى أتاح لي النقاش مع زملئي ومع معلمي واستزادني‬ ‫علما في كثير من المور‬ ‫٩. إن استخدام الموقع يعد خبرة ممتعة بالنسبة لي‬ ‫٠١. بصورة عامة المادة العلمية جيدة‬ ‫92‬
  30. 30. ‫أسئلة تتعلق بالختيارات اللكترونية:‬ ‫4509862‪‬‬ ‫ل أوافق‬ ‫ل‬ ‫أوافق‬ ‫أوافق‬ ‫العبارة‬ ‫بشدة‬ ‫أوافق‬ ‫بشدة‬ ‫1.ساهمت المتحانات اللكترونية في رفع مستوى تحصيلي‬ ‫الدراسي‬ ‫2.شجعتني السئلة على الفهم بدل من الحفظ‬ ‫3.أشعر بالثقة في قدرتي على التركيز والنتباه أثناء ادائي‬ ‫للختبارات اللكترونية على النترنت‬ ‫4.إن أداء الختبارات اللكترونية يعد خبرة ممتعة بالنسبة لي‬ ‫5.اللغة المستخدمة في الختبارات واضحة ومفهومة‬ ‫.6 .بصورة عامة المادة العلمية جيدة‬ ‫03‬
  31. 31. :Analysis of questioners :Appendix 1 analysis is shown the following -١ agree %a strongly agree ٢٥ %٧٥ -٢ agree % ٢٥ a strongly agree %٧٥ -٣ agree %٣٣.٣ a strongly agree %٦٦.٧ -٤ not agree ١٦.٧ agree %٢٥ a strongly agree %٥٨.٣ -٥ not agree ١٦.٧ agree %a strongly agree ٢٥ %٥٨.٣ -٦ agree ٦٦.٧ a strongly agree ٣٣.٣ -٧ agree ١٦.٧ a strongly agree %٨٣.٣ -٨ not agree ٨.٣ agree ٣٣.٣ a strongly agree ٥٨.٣ 31
  32. 32. :Appendix 4 analysis is shown the following The first group'' ‫:أسئلة تتعلق بالموقع‬ -١ % ٣٠.٨ agree a strongly agree %٦٩.٢ -٢ % agree ٣٠.٨ a strongly agree %٦٩.٢ -٣ % agree ٣٠.٨ agree a strongly %٦٩.٢ -٤ agree %٤٦.٢ a strongly agree %٥٣.٨ -٥ agree %٣٨.٥ a strongly agree %٦١.٥ -٦ agree %٤٦.٢ a strongly agree %٥٣.٨ -٧ agree %٣٠.٨ a strongly agree %٦٩.٢ -٨ agree %٢٣.١ a strongly agree %٧٦.٩ -٩ agree %٧.٧ a strongly agree %٩٢.٣ -١٠ agree %٧.٧ a strongly agree %٩٢.٣ 32
  33. 33. The next group''" ‫:أسئلة تتعلق بالختبارات اللكترونية‬ -١ agree %٢٥ a strongly agree %٧٥ -٢ agree %٥٠ a strongly agree %٥٠ -٣ agree %٣٣.٣ a strongly agree %٦٦.٧ -٤ agree %١٦.٧ a strongly agree %٨٣.٣ -٥ agree %١٦.٧ a strongly agree %٨٣.٣ -٦ agree %١٦.٧ a strongly agree %٨٣.٣ 33