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Graduation Project Report

  1. 1. Yousuf Al-Khanbashi Graduation Project 2009 Sultan Qaboos University College of Education Instructional and Learning technologies Department Graduation Project (TECH4999) The Graduation Project Report Done By:Yousuf Al-khanbashi Supervisor Dr. Alaa sadik. SQU.EDU.ILT.ID:48569. ILT Dept. – SQU Univ. 2008/2009
  2. 2. Yousuf Al-Khanbashi Graduation Project 2009 © ILT Dept. – SQU Univ. Introduction: In recent years Internet has turned into one of the most important tools for not only dissemination of information but also for deliverance of various important services to millions of users connected to it. More and more people are now dependent on Internet for some of the most critical services and businesses. The invention of the web2 facilitates searching for the information in this huge library (the internet) but there are some techniques that should be learned to increase the ease of the searching process using web2. This project will show to apply web2 applications in instructional operation and how the teachers and students can get benefits from this type of service to facilitate the education and give the students more freedom and more effective learning. Problem Statement: The purpose of this project of self-directed instruction to assist students and teachers to find open resources and environment to learn besides the traditional learning. Also, this project will help teachers and students to share their knowledge and skills in easy way and freedom. This project will help to create interactive learning environment. Objectives: Integrating Web 2.0 Technologies in the Instructional Process.  Use of Web 2.0 tools as learning technologies.  Integrate Web 2.0 learning technologies into the classroom.  Use Video sharing site (you tube) and Blog. Target audience:  The project will serve both teachers and students who are from grade 9 to grade 12 and teachers.  The Environment: The project will be presented as an online web:  Network: these materials should be taught in the schools labs within the school's network (LAN) and it can be provided to the students through the school website.  Computers availability: each student should have his own computer to learn the content individually and he can discuss the topic with his classmates using the discussion board in the webct.
  3. 3. Yousuf Al-Khanbashi Graduation Project 2009  Internet Accessibility. Operation Requirement:  Internet explorer Brower.  High Internet connection.  Flash Player.  Windows XP, Vista.  Adobe Reader The systemic Plan of the instructional Web 2 applications project: Instructional Web 2 applications project Planning Design Development Define the Scope Prepare the Text Prepare a Prototype Produce a Planning Create Flowcharts Create the Graphics Document &Storyboards Determine & Collect Prepare Scripts Create the Graphics Resources Define the Look and Feel Create accounts in web 2. Cost the Project Prepare Support Materials
  4. 4. Yousuf Al-Khanbashi Graduation Project 2009 Identify Learner Assemble the Pieces characteristics Conduct Initial Brainstorming Creating Portal By using MS Front page Produce a Style Manual Make Revisions Make Final Revisions Materials and methods: Materials & Methods How? When? Stage? Web 2 Upload all After creating Development different content account Camera Take video tapes During the project Preproduction & as content. is in progress Production Take photos about the process of project Content Upload text, After collect all In all web 2 videos, photos in data that is prepared Application. the blog, slide share etc.. Ms front Page Creating Portal to After Assemble the Interface of the provide ease Pieces. project in Post navigation for production target audiences Photoshop software Creating pictures During Making Production and modify Links and Project photos look. Internet access Reascech about During the project In sultan Qaboos
  5. 5. Yousuf Al-Khanbashi Graduation Project 2009 content for University uploading in the webs 2 applications PowerPoint Creating content In the slide share Production and Post using PPT production. 5 Project Management: The management of resources, money, and time Interface Project Screen shots: Field Work Photos:
  6. 6. Yousuf Al-Khanbashi Graduation Project 2009 (Figure 1) Diagram of the project Stages (Figure 2) The Interface of my Project
  7. 7. Yousuf Al-Khanbashi Graduation Project 2009 Feature of the project:  Help users to share knowledge and experience with others.  Provide Open Source, Communication channels and space for constructing learning. .  Students have unlimited options  Use simple language.  Facilitates communication, secure information sharing, interoperability, and collaboration on the World Wide Web.  Support web 2.0 activity takes in and out of school.  Easy to adopted and developed. Results and Discussions:  Positive attitude towards the use of Web 2.0 tools as learning technologies.   Blog is an easy way for teachers or administrators to publish material for parent or students.  The teacher writes the main posts, and the students use the commenting feature to respond to the teacher.  Most students need more training and teaching about web 2.0. Result # 1 Method: Observations  Low use of Web 2 by teachers and students in preparatory and secondary schools in Oman.  High motivation among teachers to use information support centers.  There is high matching between Instructional Web 2 tools and teaching curriculum.  Schools have low internet connection
  8. 8. Yousuf Al-Khanbashi Graduation Project 2009 Result #2 Method: interview  Low use of Web 2.0 by teachers and students in preparatory and secondary schools in Oman.  High motivation among teachers to use information support centers.  There is high matching between Instructional Web 2.0 tools and teaching curriculum. Conclusion: The summary of tasks which are performed in this project: 1) Identify the problem that is lack of educational resources in school for teachers and students. 2) Designed and implemented interactive environment between all components of the educational system. . 3) Instructional Webs 2.0 Project works for all Users because it uses easy language and easy systems. 4) The Principles of Web 2.0 are contributing and collaborating. Learning is changing, so education will need to Change. 5) Designed and implemented the instructional Web 2 applications. This supports the users (Learners & Teachers). 6) Web 2.0 technologies in the learning environment offer interesting instructional opportunities. 7) Successful integration of Web 2.0 tools in the classroom is situationally dependent – some tools will work better than others in certain situations. The future work: 1) Instructional Webs 2.0 Project provides mutli resources and interactive learning environment. Also, this project will give students chance to share their Knowledge between them. This advantage can be increased by using multimedia in the project. 2) The present instructional web 2.0 system does not support all multimedia. This feature can be extended by adding some requirement to operate this multimedia. 3) The factory model of schooling is dying. Customization, Collaboration, and Creation Are the New Model. 4) Testing with real time application and hosting in free web services. 5) My Web 2.0 project provides same access rights to all users. Can be extended by adding more privacy and copyright system.
  9. 9. Yousuf Al-Khanbashi Graduation Project 2009 References: We designed the project by using 1.,,, Other References:  Stutzman, F. (2006). An Evaluation of Identity-Sharing Behavior in Social Network Communities. iDMAa Journal, 3(1), 10-18.  Integrating Web 2.0 Technologies in the Instructional Process Frederic Stutzman School of Information and Library Science University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 213 Manning Hall Chapel Hill, NC 27599