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2012 students-good internet choices


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This presentation was provided for student to discuss appropriate use and responsible use of school technology and home technology.

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2012 students-good internet choices

  1. 1. GoodInternetChoices Christopher  Wells  
  2. 2. Sharing Information•  Name  •  Pictures  •  Contact  Info  •  Friends  •  Wall  posts  •  Likes  
  3. 3. Who is watching? •  Friends   •  Adults   •  People  who  may  not   like  you!  Jigsaw  Assembly  
  4. 4. Are you using SMART HABITS?•  What  is  risky  behavior?  •  What  do  you  say  about   yourself?  •  What  do  you  say  about  others?  •  What  do  others  say  about  you?  
  5. 5. Staying Safe Online •  Keep  personal  informaHon  private   •  Manage  your  list  of  friends   •  Protect  your  password!   •  Block  bullies  Playing  and  Staying  Safe  Online  
  6. 6. What  do  YOU  think?  
  7. 7. MANAGE YOUR FACE!!!!PosHng  /  Privacy  /  PosiHve  /  Friending     Post  2  B  Private  
  8. 8. What have we learned about Internet Safety today?•  Cyber-­‐bullies  are  no  fun.  •  Protect  your  personal  informaHon.  •  Online  friends  should  be  people  you  know   and  trust  in  real  life.  •  Post  appropriate  pictures  online.  •  You  can  tell  an  adult  you  trust.