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2012 smarter habits-smarter clicking


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This presentation was provided for staff members to discuss appropriate use and responsible use of district electronic resources.

Published in: Education, Technology
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2012 smarter habits-smarter clicking

  1. 1. Smarter  Habits,  Smarter  Clicking:   Resources  for   Posi9ve  Digital   Ci9zenship   Christopher  Wells  
  2. 2. Welcome  •  Housekeeping  •  Interac9vity  •  Ques9ons  and   Answers  •  Follow-­‐up   2  
  3. 3. Who IS this guy? •  School  District   Leader   •  Industry   •  Teacher   •  PhD  (pending):   Leadership  &   Organiza9onal   Change   •  MS:  Instruc9onal   Technology  &   Computer  Science   •  BS:  Biology  &   Science  Educa9on  
  4. 4. The  danger  in  communica9on  is  the   illusion  that  it  has   been  accomplished.   George  Bernard  Shaw  
  5. 5. Corollary It  may  be  accomplished  without  your  knowledge.  
  6. 6. Case 1: Email Address      hTp://­‐seekers/bad-­‐email-­‐addresses/  
  7. 7. Leave a few things behind…•  VampireGurrrl666@   •  drunkensquirl@,    •  SurferStud69@   •  foxylady@,    •  Sirsmokesalot420@   •  gigglez217@  •  xSpoiledxcPrincessx827@   •  2stoned2care@  •  HoneyBuns@   •  krazeekris@  •  alliecat@     •  UCLAlvr88@  
  8. 8. Now  would  be  a  ANOTHER  good  9me  to   discuss…   8  
  9. 9. Digital  Ci9zenship  and     Ethics  of  Leadership  Integrity  and  Visibility  •  Who  should  know   what  you  are  doing?  •  What  should  be   private?  •  What  should  be   public?   9  
  10. 10. Case  2:  Man  arrested  over  Facebook   rela9onship  status   •  21-­‐year-­‐old  Eric  James  Wilson,  of   Palm  Bay,  Florida  has  been   charged  with  baTery  domes9c   violence  and  a  misdemeanor,   ager  an  alterca9on  that  began   when  he  changed  rela9onship   status  on  Facebook.  He  went   from  “married”  to  “single”  on   the  social  network.  The  affected   woman,  who  did  not  iden9fy   herself  Wilson’s  wife  or  ex-­‐wife,   was  not  pleased,  according  to   Click  Orlando.   ©2012,  GwinneT  County  Public  Schools.  All   10   rights  Reserved.  
  11. 11. What  about  you?   ©2012,  GwinneT  County  Public  Schools.  All   11   rights  Reserved.  
  12. 12. Feedback   12  
  13. 13. What  about  you?   •  What  is  your  personal   data  worth?   •  Why  are  you  giving  that   value  away?  ©2012,  GwinneT  County  Public  Schools.  All   13   rights  Reserved.  
  14. 14. Case  3:  BAAAAD   Decisions  •  Sad,  but  true:   –  Aaron  Murray   –  Anthony  Weiner   –  Ray  Lam  (Candidates   racy  Facebook   photos  showed  lack   of  judgment‘)   –  Janet  Dudley-­‐ Eshbach  (Salisbury   University  President)   rights  Reserved.   ©2012,  GwinneT  County  Public  Schools.  All   14  
  15. 15. Is  Your  Profile  “Family  Friendly?”  •  Whose  family?  •  Think  of  employers  and  universi9es  like   parents  who  are  interested  in  adop9ng.    •  Really.   ©2012,  BrightScribe,  Inc.  All  rights   15   Reserved.  
  16. 16. Minimize  Risk   ©2012,  GwinneT  County  Public  Schools.  All   16   rights  Reserved.  
  17. 17. Teaching • Dynamic   • Intense   • Public   • Expecta9ons  
  18. 18. Teachers areNOT the public! •  Code  of  ethics   •  Student  protec9on   •  Teacher   protec9on   •  Mandatory   repor9ng  
  19. 19. Ethics•  Social  norms  •  Explicit  vs.   Tacit  •  YOU  are  the   group  
  20. 20. Case 3: Facebook Status•  Lindsay  (worker)  and  Brian  (boss)   –  Lindsay:  OMG  I  HATE  MY  JOB!!  My  boss  is  …  always   making  me  do  stuff  just  to  p**s  me  off!!     –  Brian:  Hi  Lindsay,  I  guess  you  forgot  about  adding  me  on   here?  Firstly,  dont  flaTer  yourself….  and  lastly,  you  also   seem  to  have  forgoTen  that  you  have  two  weeks  leg  on   your  six-­‐month  trial  period.  Dont  bother  coming  in   tomorrow.  Ill  pop  your  P45  in  the  post  and  you  can  come   in  whenever  you  like  to  pick  up  any  stuff  youve  leg  here.   And  yes,  Im  serious.  
  21. 21. Case  4:  Dr.  June  Talvi@e-­‐Siple   COHASSET,  Mass.  But  back  in  February,  when  Siple  got  sick,  she  wrote  on  her  page,  "Now  I  remember  why  I  stopped  teaching  kids.  They  are  all  germ  bags.“    Read  more:  hTp://    
  22. 22. Case  5:  Chris@ne  Rubino   PS  203  in  Flatlands,  Brooklyn,  NY  “AOer  today,  I’m  thinking  the  beach  sounds  like  a  wonderful  idea  for  my  5th  graders.  I  HATE  THEIR  GUTS!  They  are  all  the  devils  spawn!” Rubino  wrote  on  Facebook  on  June  23,  2010.    She  made  the  remarks  one  day  ager  a  12-­‐year-­‐old  Harlem  girl,  Nicole  Suriel,  drowned  on  a  school  trip  to  a  Long  Island  beach.    hTp://  
  23. 23. Case  6:   Jennifer  O’Brien,  1 st  Grade   Teacher   Paterson,  NJ  She  posted  her  status  update  saying  “I’m  not  a  teacher  —  I’m  a  warden  for  future  criminals!”    
  24. 24. What’s  the  Difference?  •  School-­‐based  Websites   •  Personal  Websites   –  Follow  procedure   P.EBCD  
  25. 25. Pick  and  Choose  Your  Presence   Carefully!   25  
  26. 26. YouPostedWHAT?
  27. 27. Ashley Payne, BarrowCounty (2009)
  28. 28. The “DrunkenPirate,” akaStacy Snyder(2007)
  29. 29. “Red Cup” PhotosWorld  Food  Program  hTp://­‐cup-­‐photo-­‐gallery  
  30. 30. Student Photos?•  MORE  than  a  media  release!  
  31. 31. MANAGE YOUR FACE!!!!Pos9ng  /  Privacy  /  Professionalism  /  Friending    
  32. 32. Smart habits are easy,Stupid decisionsare searchable.
  33. 33. Show ‘n Tell!•  hTp://    •  GwinneT  County  Public  Schools  Resources   (­‐imdweb01.nsf)  •  Na9onal  School  Boards  Associa9on:  Technology   &  Learning  Network  (  •  State  of  Georgia  Resources   (  
  34. 34. Some Solutions!
  35. 35. Show ‘n Tell!•  Clicking  with  Cau9on   (hTp://  •  GCPS  “Parental  Control  Sogware”  Video  &  Guide   (­‐mainweb01.nsf/pages/Makeadifference)  •  Resources  from  Illinois   (  •  State  of  Idaho  Parents  Guide  to  Social   Networking  Websites:  ( internetSafety/ParentsGuideToSocialNetworkingWebsites.pdf)  
  36. 36. Ques9ons?  Christopher