Video Marketing Will Never Die


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A picture it is said is worth a 1000 words, A video is worth a MILLION hits!

The famed J. Bill Gates, who shared his secrets to wealth and riches

i) Be an observer of the trends

ii) Be at the right place at the right time. iii) Take massive immediate action!

And recently, he added the following

iv) There are two types of business, those that are online and those that are out of business!

YouTube, Google, Yahoo & MySpace are part of the trend, they are web 2.0, they are also video sharing sites and they are part of the famed social media/social marketing trend! Should you include Video Marketing your marketing arsenal?

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Video Marketing Will Never Die

  1. 1. ==== ====Have you seen this incredible video passive income money maker? ====The power of video can not be denied. It influences people unlike any other marketing channelavailable. In the past, videos were only available on televisions and at movie theaters. But now,video has been implemented on the Internet, and as a result the power, the influence, and thereach of video as grown substantially. What does that mean for Internet marketers? Its anincredible opportunity to use video marketing to increase your traffic, leads and sales. Online videomarketing isnt going to be a short term fad either. Videos will continue to be watched anduploaded everyday until the end of days. With more people getting faster Internet connections,videos will become the number one choice preference for information distribution. Really thinkabout, would you rather read 10 or so pages of information or watch a 5 minute videopresentation. Most would choose the video when compared to reading. Thats where Internetmarketers come in. If you want to promote a product, service or whatever, Internet videomarketing is an excellent route to take. One benefit that videos have over other traditionalmarketing channels is that its has the viral edge, say over articles, free ebooks and others. TheInternet itself is a viral place, where websites continually share and provide information. But onlywith videos, the speed at which they are picked up, shared, and distributed is unparalleled to anyother. Viral video marketing is a great way to get the word out about something. If your video isentertaining to watch, then it will spread around the Internet faster than one that isnt entertaining.Make your video funny or something based on a big event or situation or even make itcontroversial and your videos will get more plays in less time.Lets backtrack. In the beginning, when the Internet was still young, Internet connections wereincredibly slow. Simply clicking a link required great deliberation because once youve clicked ityou would have to wait for a considerable amount of time until the page completely loads. Thethought of using video during those times would be a big mistake because it would take viewers afull day to watch one. Of course, Internet connection speeds began to improve and the ability towatch videos without waiting a third of your life became possible.The first time television became available to the general public was around 1930. Is television inuse today? Yes, more than ever. In fact there are more television owners now than there wereyesterday. Video on the Internet can be considered a transition from television. Will people everstop watching tv? Maybe when holograms (its possible) become available and televisions go outof production, but thats highly unlikely. Nevertheless, video will never go out of style. Videos arehere to stay just as the Internet is here to stay. And as long as Internet connections continue toimprove, video on the Internet is also here to stay.The cost of advertising on television can range from a few thousands of dollars to as much as youwant to spend. The cost to advertising via video on the Internet is free! Sure you can pay toadvertise via video on the Internet, but free video marketing can be just as effective at drivingsales, visitors and leads as paid video marketing. People will always watch videos, whether its on
  2. 2. television, holograms, or on the Internet. 9 out of 10 people will prefer to watch videos than read,so give the people want they want. As an Internet marketer, you must incorporate video marketinginto your arsenal because videos will never die. Thus, Video Marketing Will Never Die!Go and see Stephan Smith []s Internet Marketing Blog For More FreeInternet Marketing Information: Stephan Smith Archives [] -Web Traffic []Article Source: ====Have you seen this incredible video passive income money maker? ====